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  • Almost perfect.
  • To all people that have problems with using Download Status Bar, just use WaterFox: https://www.waterfoxproject.org/en-US/waterfox/ Way better than the new Firefox, it's clean, light and is compatible with all your favorite legacy addons, addons like FlashGot, Download Status Bar and Session Manager :)
  • Meg vagyok vele elégedve!
  • Eine der wichtigsten Add-ons für Firefox.
    Schade daß so wie dieses aber auch andere wichtige 'Zusatzfunktionen-Add-ons' nicht mehr funktionieren.
    Das ist doch das was Firefox zu Firefox gemacht hat. Wegen solcher Zusatzprogramme wurde Firefox zu 'DEM' Browser überhaupt.
    Ohne diese Add-ons und ihre wichtigen Programmierer ist Firefox NICHTS mehr. Eigentlich ist Firefox ohne diese Leute nur noch Müll!!!
    Ihr Mozilla-Heinis habt's echt kaputt gemacht.
    Sch... ade!!!
  • excellent extension that should be built-in feature in every browser, wish there was version for Firefox Quantum
  • This is fantastic - my downloads appear along the bottom of the browser window and show progress as well as quick access to the explorer folder. The downloads do not intrude into the window to cover anything. I'm really hoping to see a version that works with the new firefox.
  • Bueniaimo....pero no funciona en Firefox Quantum....todavia?
  • Gran complemento
  • Ez 0 csillag -Ami jó az ez ,https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/s3download-statusbar/ Oleksandr fejlesztőtől a tökéletes kiegészítő gratula neki ! Ő érdemel millió csillag !!!!

    This is 0-star -As good this is https: //addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/s3download-statusbar/ Oleksandr Developer is the perfect complementary compliment for her! He deserves millions of stars !!!!
  • Sadly, this add-on doesn't work on Firefox Quantum.

    One that does work on the latest Firefox versions is "Download Manager (S3)" by Oleksandr.
  • Un grand manque depuis Quantum !
    Reviens s'il te plait, merci !
  • Essential plugin for Firefox but not working since FF Quantum – one good reason to consider downgrading.
  • Please update this version so I can use it on the latest Firefox, used to love it!!
  • Please make it compatible, I really do need this one..
    I am missing it since the ff 57... :(
  • Vous aviez plus d'un an pour mettre à jour ce module, or depuis le 6 juin 2017, rien. Résultat, ce module est incompatible avec cette daube de Quantum.
  • Please, make it ready for Firefox 57! I need it !
  • Working solution for Quantum: Integrity Downloader
  • Please update for Quantum! I
  • Please update for Quantum! I really miss it!!!
  • Your extension has worked for me for so many years so well!! Are you going to update it? I really miss it!
  • Hoping for an update soon!
    So helpfull, shoud be standard part of FF.
  • Waiting update for quantum.
    Alternative addon - https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/wx-download-status-bar/
  • Please update for Firefox Quantum.
  • please update this for fire fox 57 (quantum)
  • es uno de complementos preferidos