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  • Nope. Doesn't work (at least on FF 67)

    Going to the extension page (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/download-star/), and selecting images fails to even find the "screenshots" on this page.

    The message is :

    Failed to find any media.
  • Didn´t show any way to download any of the videos on the website I was visiting
  • Der Abwertungsgrund: Eine nichtexistente Funktionsbeschreibung/ Hilfedatei. Die Bedienung ist daher ein Ratespiel: was macht welcher Knopf? Weiterhin ist ( bei der Androidversion) die Einstellung Bilder nicht abwählbar.
  • Faz o que eu queria de forma simples: baixa todos os links em uma página com um certo parâmetro configurável. Não é lindo, mas num mar de extensões feias que não funcionam ou não fazem nada, essa é uma extensão feia que faz algo simples e útil.
  • 不错终于有一个软件可以全部链接批量下载了。
  • I did like this addon until recently. It seems to have crapped out. On the filters page, IMAGES are selected by default and no matter what I do, after a batch of downloads it'll revert back to IMAGES. If I'm working my way through a bunch of tabs containing only videos, this can be a ballache.
  • A dismally buggy, incomplete and now apparently abandoned partial replacement for DownThemAll. Offers no option to scrape only a highlighted section of a page; you get the whole page or nothing. Frequently just gives up on downloading partway through the queue with no explanation given, and can never be convinced to start again. I guess it's nice that somebody at least TRIED to replace DTA, but they could have tried harder.
  • Right now, I still use DownThemAll with WaterFox 56, I know that DTA is dead it's impossible to make a new one with all the option in DTA, Download star work, so maybe I can let dta rest in peace.

    but I gave only 3 stars because, maybe I'm doing this wrong but I can't use the "fast filter" option, it let me use a single extension, so if a want to download all the gif and png from a page, but not the jpg, jpeg, or bmp and download the webm but not the mp4, I can't use the build-in filter but I have to make a different download for every extension that I want.

    How can I use multiple extension in the Fast Filter?

    it's possible to make a batch download?

    if I can't figure out how to use the fast filter with multiple extension, I think I will keep using DTA. but, isn't a bad add-on.
  • functions very well with 60.5.1. esr; click for the left lower corner (the 8) to download files like pdfs
  • did not work - lousy documentation
  • Thank you!
    В обновленной лисе давно не хватало такого расширения.
    Интерфейс отличается от DownThemAll, поначалу не понял, как скачать со страницы по гиперссылкам, оглядел интерфейс и нашёл внизу с права переключатели режимов поиска контента.
  • Doesn't work. I gave it the most simple of websites (Apache index page) with mkv links and it couldn't find a single one.