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  • Pretty good and efficient.
    As noted by r.koegel, file names containing spaces or "#" (and probably other characters, but these are the two I've come across) are downloaded with "%20" instead of each space, which is somewhat awkward.
    If you use Unix, the following script may help you (it sure helped me):
    for f in "$@"
    g=`echo $f | sed -e 's/%20/ /g;s/%23/#/g'`
    if [ "$f" != "$g" ]
    mv "$f" "$g"
  • It's about as good as it gets right now. My only issue is that it apparently can't auto rename %20 and other placeholders to the 'spaces' or other regular characters in filenames. So downloading a file such as "this file.zip" becomes "this%20file.zip"...which is annoying when downloading 1700 text files from a server.
  • Perfect for me.
    Simple interface, even my elderly father can use it to download media from websites.
    Way better than all those complicated "powerful" extensions.
    Thanks liebs!
  • It used to work with Tor browser, but the update to 8.5.4 broke the add-on. It does work properly with my VPN, however.

    The issue with Tor is that it never downloads all selected files in all tabs and the number of successful scrapes is random.
  • The user interface is weird, ugly and confusing. There are many user-friendly alternatives out there. Avoid.
  • Nope. Doesn't work (at least on FF 67)

    Going to the extension page (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/download-star/), and selecting images fails to even find the "screenshots" on this page.

    The message is :

    Failed to find any media.
  • Didn´t show any way to download any of the videos on the website I was visiting
  • Der Abwertungsgrund: Eine nichtexistente Funktionsbeschreibung/ Hilfedatei. Die Bedienung ist daher ein Ratespiel: was macht welcher Knopf? Weiterhin ist ( bei der Androidversion) die Einstellung Bilder nicht abwählbar.
  • Faz o que eu queria de forma simples: baixa todos os links em uma página com um certo parâmetro configurável. Não é lindo, mas num mar de extensões feias que não funcionam ou não fazem nada, essa é uma extensão feia que faz algo simples e útil.
  • 不错终于有一个软件可以全部链接批量下载了。
  • I did like this addon until recently. It seems to have crapped out. On the filters page, IMAGES are selected by default and no matter what I do, after a batch of downloads it'll revert back to IMAGES. If I'm working my way through a bunch of tabs containing only videos, this can be a ballache.