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  • Can download files from authenticated pages:



    Error processing windowTypes: This property is deprecated background.js:271
    makeError resource://gre/modules/Schemas.jsm:450:14

    Like Redmine... The downloaded file don't preserve the path chossed and have html from the login page.
  • Jest ok
  • Full pull
  • Hey guys! Thanks for this plug-in, finally compatible with Firefox quantum !

    For those having troubles with NinjaDownloadManager plug-in configuration, check this out :

    You can configure download capture in NinjaDownloaderManager directly (the software, not the plug-in). You have to click on the settings icon (the little gear), then select Monitor and....shazam! you can configure the plug-in download capture and a bunch of other usefull things related to the download capture !!!

    Hope it will help !
  • very good!, fast download and amazing performance
  • I set firefox to ask me where to save the file in download, but with Ninja Download Manager active while asking me where to save the file, it always puts it in c: \ dowload !!!!!!
  • I installed it and found it had NO configuration settings and it did not work .
    So, I un-installed it .
  • A good app that needs full 5 star but ends up getting only 1. It caused major problem in my ff58.02. My downloads now comes without original name and file extension. just download download(1)... etc.
    Please solve the issue to all stars.
    check the above link for more info.
  • Thank you very much.. It works great. To me it's the best I have tried.
  • finally in web extension and upgrade ! love this app