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  • Sadly lacks the support of one specific video container, which a ton of sites have switched to in the recent years: Transport Stream, also known as TS files.
    Used many places now because of the better and stable support in many browsers.
  • ឡេ ធា រី
  • Works like a charm! AND more importantly, it doesn't require access to EVERYTHING (which is unlike most of the mass file download addons I saw). Thank you for only doing what was needed and not making an addon that gains access to your entire life. :)
  • Works with little quirks. It was somewhat difficult for me to find the right spot to configure the target name for files that i wanted to download. There should be a useful default (eg. the original name of the file on the web site). After having found the right spot there is a little problem with the tokens "name" and "ext" because a file with the name "abcd.v01.doc" delivers "abcd" for name and "doc" for ext - which from my point of view is not the right answer. BUT: I could create my custom token "fullname" which alleviated the issue. You can even configure your own extension for files to download - this was a must for me.
  • Thank you sir! Works exactly as advertised. If something is not working for you then why don't you watch the tutorial video? The dev literally posted it in his description. Thank you for making an awesome addon!
  • couldn't actually get it to find a set of files on a page of links. trying to find all links that were .mkv, wouldn't recognize them. Was hoping that it would just list all the links and let me filter after, but it wants to filter first. Disappointed, probably is fine for some people, didn't work for me
    You can add the MKV extension in preferences-extensions. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Really great add-on once I can download by image size (| x.x | Feature to filter by image size) it will be worthy of 5 stars ;)
  • As others have said, this does not work AT ALL. Once the files are selected there is no green download button to click. It just sits there showing a list of files.

    This is the web page I tried it on. It identified about a couple of hundred files but will not download any.

    Did you scroll down for the download button?
    Here is a tutorial video which shows how to download files from the same web-page you had posted. https://youtu.be/DwH_NboclFA
  • Works as advertised: very simple, very fast. Does what it should do, without any bells and whistles.
  • Hi

    Thank you for this great addon.
    it took me a lot of searches to find this great addon.

    I also used it to download several PDFs :)

    Please also add an option so we can set our own filter by a custom format (.*) for ex. .md or .aac or .epub or .ttf or ...

    Thank you very much


    Update: I found the custom setting, Thanks :3