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497 reviews for this add-on
  • Thx...

  • Doesn't work on BBC radio site. Don't really need it for anything else. It Seems to work with youtube, but I already have that covered.

  • It won't download to Firefox - tried 10 times :(

  • thanks

  • Works fine but it annoys the tits out of me every time it updates by opening a new tab with the changelog.

  • good

  • Great app the one improvement that I would like to see would be all the different download options w/o scrolling.

  • não funciona

  • Worked great for several months. Now I only get video without audio? Trying another...

  • La mejor, siempre funcional

  • Muy buena, me permite trasladar videos de yotube a facebock

  • 666

  • doesn't work for me. maybe it's Mozilla that's wrong for suggesting this will work on the Android version of Firefox? or the developer is misleading? I don't know. Either way it does not work

  • It was doing a great job until a few versions ago. It starts to act like the other downloaders where it mixes with Twitch and even when it looks off, it might be working in the background. I experienced laggy typing and buffering when typing, which was gone when I disabled this add-on. Please, make it ignore Twitch video.

  • fonctionne super bien !

  • Nie ściągają mi się piosenki

  • das Beste, was man braucht um Flash-Videos herunterzuladen

  • Clean, efficient, fast. Just everything you want when downloading flash vids.

  • Funciona sin problemas, al menos me ha funcionado para bajar videos desde udemy

  • I tried many other add-ons, but most of them required additional apps to be installed, for saving or converting the video! This one is simple to use and effective! So far of course! Highly recommended!

  • It works well for now. I just cannot understand why this app needs such a tons of permisions.

  • Shows nothing to download on most sites other than youtube. Basically not useful in current state.

  • Video downloaded but there's no sound!

  • This program does more than all the other programs put together that I have tried. The others I will delete and this one gets the job done. Thanks so much for a great program and I hope you keep up the good work with it. I am enjoying this program very much 5 stars all the way. Gary

  • It only downloads video in segments, it doesn't piece them together. And, there is no contact info.

    Developer response


    Please send me an email to '' with the details and I will try to help.
    Let me know from which website you are trying to download.