92 reviews for this add-on
  • So far so good!

  • não presta, envia o link para um site e depois nada faz

  • barely useful, it is basically just a link to promote their own website.

  • Were dose this program store the files you download I can't find them.

  • Funcionou... ok
    Pessoal, ele vai abrir o vídeo em outra aba que permite fazer o download.

  • mayan

  • Aparece el boton de descarga y nadamas no descarga.

  • Does not work at all. No downloader found around video and arrow on toolbar takes you to 3rd site that says No Video Found, even when you copy and paste video URL. don't waste your time. Get Facebook Video Downloader 0.1882 by FB Tools instead. Adds downloader arrow to top of video. Much Better.......I am deleting it now.

  • Don't waste your time, it simply does not work, no setup options could be found. Just find another add-on. Note, I was not trying to download a private video.

  • It don't work period

  • Is not working Δεν δουλεύει δεν κατεβάζει βίντεο

  • not working, stupid extension.

  • good

  • There's no download button showing up. Which really sucks!

  • full

  • It works only with not privately shared video

  • Muy eficas

  • When you try to download a video you are just sent to a site for downloading public facebook videos. Where it says "Could not find video". That is, this is a useless add-on.

  • Yet another non-working piece of crapware

  • If you're searching for the perfect Facebook downloader, you've come to the right place. Easy to do, quick downloads, and awesome quality. I use this to download Tasty vids. :)

  • Worked fine.

    Just needs to be able to download "friends only" videos.

  • Ok.

  • Appreciate.

  • After a couple months of trying it hasn't worked once. Should get 0 stars. Giving up, removing, its gone.

  • It does not work on private videos. Public videos can be downloaded using online tools, you don't need a addon. I installed this just for private videos but it doesn't work.