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  • You can use URL Dot alternative ;)
  • URL Dot does the same thing on FF3.5
  • Surfing with Dotcomplete is substantially superior to my experience after switching to FF3.5. Please make it compatible with the latest FF version
  • Yes, please: an update that works with Firefox 3.5 would be very welcome. Great product!
  • can you please update this to work with FF 3.5?
  • Please can you update it to Firefox 3.5. This is the best add-on there is.
  • Very good extension. Please update for 3.5. Unfortunately, this does not work. Or is there a good alternative?
  • dotComplete is dead. Use the URL Dot. https://addons.mozilla.org/cs/firefox/addon/13299

    An alternative to dotCOMplete that works on FF 3.5 (need to force the compatibility though). Nice work. (thanks IdoMcFly)
  • Great app. Only downside is that Dennis usually takes forever to update it for new updates of Firefox :-(
  • Its very useful and fantastic app. Im waiting for compability for FF 3.5b99
  • I need this extension!!! I've tried to force compatibily with 3.5b4 unsuccessfuly =(
  • Great extension but does not work on ffx 3.5 beta 4 (I've forced the compatibilty)
  • Very useful but i cant choose which one come first. I tried to change the array but nothing happened.

    Everytime .net comes first then .org and after .com

    now i make more mistakes because when i click ctrl+enter name goes to .net.
  • is there any possibility to enter a prefix without getting a dot after it?
    if i enter "www" as a prefix the result is "www.". is there a possibility to use the prefix www without that dot?
  • is there any possibility to have a Prefix without the dot after it? now it is
    . and what i like is that:
    . I dont know why there is always that dot!!?!
  • Very useful extension!
    Thank you very much!
  • Followed ag7878 and rocugbg suggestions to no avail. I am using Vista 64bit Ultimate. Guess I will have to wait for the author to update.

    My install.rdf was tried with 3.0, 3.0.*, 3.1 and 3.*. Still no results. The add-on install screen appears but it does not get installed.
  • Great tip ag7878 & rocugbg! works OK!
  • Compatibility for 3.0 please, ASAP!
  • I managed installing it on my FF3.

    - I downloaded the .xpi file to my PC
    - I changed the file extension to .zip
    - Unzipped the file
    - Edited the install.rdf file (using notepad)
    - Changed the 'em:maxVersion=' to 3.1
    - Saved the file
    - Zipped all the files back
    - Changed the file extension from .zip to .xpi
    - Install the file
    - Done :-)
  • compatibility for 3.0 please
  • This is how to get it to work in Firefox 3:
    - Download the extension (Press first the link "Ignore version check")
    - Rename it to dotcomplete-1.4.2-fx.xpi.zip
    - Extract the the zip
    - Open the file "install.rdf" in notepad
    - Change where it says em:maxVersion=2.0.0.* to em:maxVersion=3.0.*
    - Zip the whole directory again
    - Rename the zip to dotcomplete-1.4.2-fx.xpi
    - Drag and drop the xpi into the add-ons window and everything will work.
  • Excellent add-on!

    So far is the only one that keeps me moving to FF3, I really hope the author does an update to support FF3.

    Highly recommended if you usually go to your own country domains, but still want to easily access the common ORG , COM and NET domains
  • There's no need to change the extension to zip anymore. Version 1.4.3 is perfectly working on 3.0. Great work! Thanks!
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