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  • This developer is giving thoughtful and very open and helpful replies, and its very refreshing to see this level of care, development and response. I am about to install this, it sounds great. My only concern might be that as Mozilla themselves are very proactive on security and privacy in general, they may one day implement this in a way that ticks all the boxes, and then I'll have forgotten that I installed this! However, I note that its pretty tiny in size, so hopefully no great worry either way. Thanks Jeroen!
    Wow, now that's a kind review! This makes my day! :]

    Regarding your concern: Right now, I have the following scenarios in mind:

    1. Mozilla implements this in a way that ticks all the boxes.
    Great! If it does 100% the same as this add-on, I will update this extension (if Mozilla allows me) with an empty file so it no longer makes modifications by default, I will then also mark this extension as "Deprecated" in the title, update the description. And make it unavailable for download.

    2. Mozilla implements this partially, or in a way different from this add-on.
    Not bad! If this happens, I will update this extension to inform every user that Mozilla has a similar implementation, and present them with the differences so they can choose whether or not to keep this add-on installed.
    The "how" is still something I have to design, it could be a banner on the top, or a pop-up.. I'm not quite sure about the "how", but definitely sure about the "I will" part.

    3. I disappear and (can) no longer update anything.
    Okay, that one does sound bad, for me at least.. However! If this happens not much can go wrong for anyone that installed this add-on. As explained in the add-on description this add-on only adds the "noopener" attribute to (cross-domain) hyperlinks (that open in new tabs) that don't have this attribute.
    In other words, if Mozilla adds this attribute to hyperlinks, it'll already be there, and this add-on won't change anything. Fool proof!
  • Great transparent description! One question though: couldn't this extension still break some webpages if the hyperlink changes your previous tab to something else that is needed for the website to work?
    Thanks for the compliment!
    In the case you describe the "noopener" attribute will be added and therefore indeed break the flow.
    However, I (or anyone else as far as I know) have not run into any web-applications trying to hijack their own cross-domain webpage. To be honest, if a developer/engineer implements this logic they should really scratch behind their ear..

    BUT, if you, or anyone else runs into a broken web-application flow (of a sizable and respected website) we could always whitelist that specific website/flow in this or a separate version of DTMT and inform the website owner to hurry up and change their flows because "noopener" will likely be the standard in the near future.
    If you experience this issue, let me know and we'll figure it out together :]
  • not utile anymore since it's integrated by default in firefox now dom.targetBlankNoOpener.enabled

    edit: add one star after response from dev

    Are you sure it's usable right now?
    I've been tracking https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1522083 for this functionality and it seems (according to that issue) that this flag has not been officially implemented yet due to blocking issues in other areas (It seems to stop downloads from working when opened in new tabs for example).
    I also do not see anything in the release notes of 68, 69 and 70.

    Would love to hear from you if I have the wrong information!

    This extension works a little different from the 'dom.targetBlankNoOpener' flag by the way. The flag adds noopener to ALL target=_blank links, this extension only adds them when the domain name does not match the link name.
    (Once the flag is fully operable I will make this difference clear in the description, since some people might prefer one solution/implementation over the other)