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  • Proving to be useless, I installed it but it has never once blocked a tracker and my blocked trackers stats remain at zero, as it has from day one. I have now installed Ghostery and Disconnect and the difference is amazing, both addons actively block all sorts of trackers and analysis collectors, they show the stats, what was blocked and you know they are providing some protection from the snoopers. All the while DNTM just sits there on a big fat zero doing nothing but looking dumb and wasting space on Firefox. And to top it off, they now want you to log in as well, what a contradiction that is. I gave it enough time to prove its worth, but it has to be ditched. Does Not Work!!!
  • As reported it seems that the addon cause troubles in the browser to connect internet website trough a proxy.
    Was working until today. The Firefox addon manager report an update that day, october 31th, but the Mozilla addon site doesn't mention any new update since october, 5th... Same version 4.0.1249 doesn't see any change in the name as reported by @madbrit
    Addon deactivated.
    Hello - so sorry about that. Would you email me : olivia at abine dot com and I will help you get to the bottom of this? I do apologize for the inconveinece.
  • Comme tous, je redémarre impatiemment Firefox et ..
    2 secondes et 3 dixièmes pour m'apercevoir que les 3 trackers habituels de chez Google ne sont pas detectés.. :(
    Bizar, j'ai pu testé avant.. avait du bon.
    Sauf pour la lenteur que j'avais rencontré avec ce plugin
    Ni une ni deux je verifie mon fichier host. Ouf j'avais bloqué..
    un # plus tard sur le fichier, enregistrer et un redémarrage.
    Oh!! toujours aucun truc..
    Direction NoScript, rien en blocage mais 3 pisteurs..
    En bref, j'abandonne direct.
    En plus, si vous etes très appli et jeux Facebook, les contraintes grimpent.. et vous bloque. Au moins 1 pt positif que ça fonctionne.. avec FB.
    Test avec v3.2.11.27 et l'ESR 31
  • I had to disable DONotTrackMe. The start-up of FIrefox became extremely slow and I finally decided to debug the issue by disabling add-ons and reactivating them one by one. Got to DoNotTrackMe (3.2.1127 ) with firefox (32.02) and it slowed down considerably. Disabled/re-enabled to make sure and it is slowing firefox down. I can say that is has been happening for a while and it's not just with the latest firefox. There do seem to be other users that have this issue and some that don't so I'm not sure what would be common among the users that are having the issue. I'll wait and see if a new version shows up in the future and try it.
    Hello - please email me : olivia at abine dot com and I will give you a direct link that should fix that issue. I apologize for the inconvenience and that it's not yet available on the Firefox store.
  • Read a not-very-flattering review by Ed Bott and would like to uninstall DNTMe. However, I cannot find any information on how to achieve this. More like malware than a helpful add-on. Why make uninstall so difficult? On this alone, I would not recommend Do Not Track Me.
    You can remove DNTMe (like all other Firefox add-ons) by going to Tools>addons>extensions>remove>restart Firefox. I'd be interested to see the review from Ed Bott as he usually is endorsing our software. If you would email the link to info@abine.com, I'd very much appreciate it.
  • Don`t trust them. These software does not have a good performance. Other add ons are blocking more. These Blockrankings are really anoying.

    After I deleted that SW from my Browser, I receive now SPAM from them.

    It seems to me that they track your identity and Mailadress...

    Be aware of them....!!!
    Hello, we do not track your identity or your mailadress. If you registered an account with DNTMe, your email address will still be registered if you just deleted the extension. Login to your account at dnt.abine.com, navigate to settings, and delete your account from there.
  • Guys,
    You have pi***d me off. I did not sign up for this s**t to be sent out to me every second day! You made a plugin, awesome, then f**k off with it and stop sending me this s**t all over again.
    I will not click any unsubscribe b**ls**t links on your c**p emails, you do not use your own domain, you do not use real email for your communication. You are some spammer organization pretending to be real business.
    Remove me from your spammer list or I make sure that everybody all over the globe knows what spam you send out and how often.

    I have once asked your s****d support to stop it, they did not, this is last time I ask. Next will be direct call to amazon and all other places you use to send this s**t out.
    I will stand on my hair and make sure that you are loaded in all RBLs all over the globe!

    And do not bother to apologize, no point in it!
    Hello - I received your email this morning and you will not receive emails from us again. You had been emailing us from an email that was not in our servers, which was why we were unable to block it the first time. You will no longer receive emails from us.
  • Do Not Install! This is malware!

    I uninstalled but it keeps sending me advertisements. I follow the instructions to unsubscribe but I keep getting their spam. Their emails keep coming and coming.
    DNTme is not malware. Make sure the add-on is removed from your extensions folder. Once removed, please unsubscribe your email with this link: https://license.abine.com/delete_account_request
  • Abine replied:

    "by Abine, Inc., the online privacy company (Developer) on July 28, 2014 · permalink · translate

    Hello - I do understand your concerns, downloading a piece of privacy software and then seeing a constant advertisement for that software would be concerning to anyone.

    I handle a lot of our support and I've never heard of a user reporting that issue before, and I can assure you that it is not intentional. I will escalate that issue to our engineering team ASAP.

    To be sure you've completely removed DoNotTrackMe, please go to tools>addons>extensions, and make sure DNTMe is not present in your extensions folder."

    I already said that I do not have DNTM, nor any other Abine extensions, installed. I did have DNTM several years ago, but I absolutely removed all traces of it. Not only did I remove it in the Add-ons Manager, but also in prefs.js, in the Firefox default profile folder. It is nowhere to be seen. Nothing, gone, no trace of it, obliterated.

    Anyway, that was several years ago and this just started recently.

    Besides that, it happened also from a completely new, clean profile, where DNTM was never installed.
  • Never installed, advertisements kept opening when firefox opened or I opened new tags. I think I fixed that by deleting another add-on but it creeped me out and wasted my evening. I would never use now, no matter how good the actual product was. I am not pleased. This is not how to do business for a legit product. Stop it.
    Hello, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with DoNotTrackMe, but I understand your frustrations. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to pass this along to the rest of the team.
  • First, after installing DoNotTrackMe I am unable to log into my utility company website. I keep getting "Session Expired" error messages when I try to log in. Second, the DoNotTrackMe button on Firefox toolbar does not work. Nothing happens when I click it. Nada! Third, when I go to Mozilla Add-ons Manager --> DoNotTrackMe and click Options button, instead of viewing setup options I am taken to a Support page with all of Abine's products on it. So, I have to figure out what version of DoNotTrackMe is installed and remember to click on the hyperlink that is appropriate for my version. How stupid! I finally make it to the support page, which is not a support page as much as it is a FAQ page. Totally unhelpful because it has no answer to any question remotely covering the issue: "HELP! MY DoNotTrackMe TOOLBAR BUTTON DOES NOT WORK!" So, at this point I'm still trying to figure out how to change the options because, after all, I did click on the Options button but alas, I'm at a useless FAQ page that offers no help at all. So now, I notice a Log In button at the top of the support page, and as I am already an Abine user (MaskMe) I attempt to log in, to which the website replies, "Sorry! This website is for users with DoNotTrackMe accounts. Are you looking to log in to your MaskMe account? Log in here." My answer is emphatically NO I DO NOT WANT TO LOG INTO MY MASKME ACCOUNT I WANT TO FIX THE OPTIONS IN DONOTTRACKME THAT HAVE CAUSED IT TO STOP FUNCTIONING AND PREVENTING ME TO LOG IN TO PAY MY UTILITY BILL." So, instead I attempt to register using my Abine credentials, to which the website replies, "Sorry! It looks like you already have a MaskMe account. Unfortunately, some features only work for users who have never used MaskMe before. Learn more." WTF?!?! So I click on Learn more and I learn that Abine does not integrate its products, which have overlapping features, that DoNotTrackMe is superior to MaskMe and that Abine considers MaskMe to be a beta product. Beta? Are you kidding me? The version of MaskMe is 1.4 and does not contain the letters "beta." MaskMe has got tons of my credentials stored, tons of my masked emails! And it's considered beta?! WTF why did I not know this? It is now that I learn that none of my masked emails can be migrated to the "superior" product, DoNotTrackMe, and that support for storing credentials on MaskMe is going away and that OH BY THE WAY ONE OF YOUR OPTIONS IS TO DELETE YOUR MASKME ACCOUNT IN WHICH CASE ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE DESTROYED.

    So now, I have a DoNotTrackMe that does not work, the button on my toolbar is unresponsive, and, worse, is blocking me from being able to log in and pay my utility bill and, even worse yet, I have masked emails and passwords stored in MaskMe, which is a beta product. So now, it seems I have no choice: I must remove all Abine products completely. It will be difficult to take all of those masked emails and passwords and migrate them to another place. Very difficult! I have absolutely no confidence in this company. It's as though it is run by a bunch of teenagers. Really, what company would EVER take such a cavalier attitude toward peoples' private data, or even create a "superior" product with much of the same features, yet not provide a way to migrate user data from one product to the other, to build user interfaces that are so confusing and convoluted, and to make changes in how it conducts business without much consideration to how its users are impacted?
    Hello -- The unresponsive DNTMe icon can be fixed with an uninstall and reinstall of DNTme. However, the link that is needed to install the proper build is currently sitting in the Firefox queue waiting to be approved. Until then, you will need to obtain the link from Abine directly. Please feel free to email me olivia at abine dot com if you'd like the link to our product. To see the version of DNTme that you currently have installed, you could find this from your extensions page of Firefox ( tools>addons>extensions).

    We are currently working to integrate the two products, DoNotTrackMe and MaskMe together, for we realize it's confusing and pointless to have two products with overlapping features. This will be available within the next month or so.

    As a small startup company, we have not always had the clearest path. As of 6 months ago, DNTMe was solely used as a tracker blocker. We then decided that the MaskMe features were valuable enough to be included in DNTMe and added the features from MaskMe to DNTMe. We're well aware that it makes for an extremely confusing user experience, so we are working to combine the two products.

    Our support page is compromised of our FAQ's as well as an option to email or chat with our support team. Click here if you'd like to see those options: http://abine.com/support.html. Our support staff would have been happy to help you out with these issues you were having.

    I do apologize for the inconvenience we have caused.
  • This app completely stopped working when the new firefox came out. Click on the icon and nothing happens. Have tried reloading several times. In addition, the new firefox is *super* slow!!
    Hi aseymour -- so sorry about that. Please email me at olivia at abine dot com for the direct install link.
  • DNTM doesn't work anymore. This app stopped working properly a couple weeks ago. It doesn't track period anymore-nothing happens as a previous reviewer stated. I've had this app for months and it worked great previously. It doesn't matter which browser I use either, Firefox or Chrome.
    Hi Max -- please email me: olivia@abine.com and I can assist you further. Typically this issue will be fixed with an uninstall and reinstall, but I'm surprised to hear it stopped working on both Firefox and Chrome. I do apologize for that but I'm confident we can get DNTMe back up and running!
  • Like the previous reviewers, this plugin has recently taken over my entire browser. Pasting its logo and plugging the services of Abine on every website you visit.

    Posted a support request, but no reply. Recommend staying away.


    Hello Zach,

    If you read more about my review, you might not be so condescending, as lack of knowledge of the mentioned wares are not applicable to your faulty software. I refer you to my extensive bug report, and reminds other readers, that it is NOT TRUE, that the pasted Abine logos can be disabled.

    When this add-on is installed on Firefox 30+, a clickable Abine logo will appear in any and all fields online. Whether you disable the premium services or not.

    In some cases this external input triggers security alarms. An otherwise secure form in my online bank was edited by Abine, leading to an IP-block from all banking services.

    All the best,
    Hi again -- I do apologize that that response was condescending. The issue you're describing is in fact a bug, and I apologize that Zach overlooked that. If you email me (Olivia at abine dot com), I will provide you with a link to DNTMe that will fix these icons being in the input fields. So sorry about that!

  • I don't recommend this. It will take over.
    Hi Jaybah,

    Since your review isn't very detailed, it's hard to understand your issue and help you resolve it. I would love to help further. Just let me know any questions or more specific feedback you have.

    If you want to chat directly, feel free to email me at zrachins at abine dot com.

  • Recently stopped working and even their site keeps hijacking me to their other "Mask Me" product. Three virus/malware scans-all NEGATIVE and I'm still getting the same CRAP. NOT a happy camper!
    Hey AMoonwolfe,

    I'm really sorry that your first experience with DoNotTrackMe was negative. To clear up some confusion, some of what you refer to us as MaskMe features are features that are common with DoNotTackMe as well.

    For example, if you read the DNTMe extension description further, you will see that when you encounter an email form that is requesting your email address, we help you provide a disposable email address to protect your real one (instead of giving out your own).

    None of these features are malware or harmful to you at all - actually quite the opposite!

    It would be great to know where we failed at communicating how the features work so that we can improve DoNotTrackMe for current and future users alike.

    You can reach me at zrachins at abine dot com with any questions or if you want to talk further.

  • I updated Firefox to v31, and after it restarted, a tab opened up with the DoNotTrackMe website (Abine) appearing.

    Where the hell did this BS come from? I didn't install any such add-ons. I don't see any Abine or DoNotTrackMe in my add-ons extension list.

    Not impressed.
    Hello Tristan -- I'm sorry about that. If you go to tools>>addons>>extensions, you will be able to remove DNTMe from there. Be sure to restart Firefox once you've removed DNTMe.
  • Used to be a great add-on but recently the developers are requesting for us to register.

    What a bunch of crap, a "privacy" add-on that also wants your data. Is that some kind of sick joke?

    hi Privox,
    Sorry to dissapoint you. We don't require (and never will) any registration to block tracking. Registration is 100% optional.

    However, to use the email masking and to protect the privacy of your phone and credit card, yeah, you gotta register. we can't actually proxy the information without having it.

    Agreed it's a catch-22 but true "anonymity" is tough. Again, you're free to use without registering. But you can get more privacy at more places by using Masking.
  • Recently, the privacy dashboard stop working all together for no apparent reason. I tried re-installing DTM multiple times to no avail. I can't use any buttons on the dashboard, and for some strange reason, all of the icons are missing as well. Please fix this.
    I'm sorry you had a problem, but it should be fixed now. We found that we had a bad version of a file stuck in our infrastructure's cache today.

    Everything should be working for you, and please let us know if you have any problems. Email me (Andy) directly at support@abine.com if you see any problems.

    We're sorry this happened and we've put changes in place to make sure it can't happen again.
  • Frequently breaks some websites, and even broke my own website as I was trying to work on it. The popup for email fields is annoying and just gets in the way. Though, the biggest problem I have with it is the fact that you are required to register an account in order to change any settings, which is absurd.
    Hey Zauber,

    Thanks for your insight on DoNotTrackMe. Admittedly, when you work on the back-end of certain websites (in Drupal or Joomla CMSs, for example), the Mask My Email panels do show up. We're terribly sorry about that, and we recommend you work on your website in a browser that does not have DoNotTrackMe enabled.

    However, in terms of other websites, it is extremely helpful for us to know whenever DoNotTrackMe affects the performance of another site. It is usually based on a script / request we are blocking from tracking you, and again, it would be really helpful to know which website it was so that we can have our engineering team look into it.

    In terms of the email fields being annoying, you can click on our icon in the top right of Firefox, go to Settings, and click the check mark next to "Don't Track My Email Here" to turn that off (and never see it again on other sites). After you do change that setting, just refresh your browser, and it will go away. To clarify, you do not need to register to change that setting.

    Sorry for any confusion, and please let me know if there's anything else I can help with. You can email me personally at zrachins at abine dot com if there's anything I can do.

  • I told this add-on NOT to mask my email, and now I'm getting spam email for other services, with the message that I can stop them by blocking their address. No link to unsubscribe, puts the burden all on me. Wow. What a violation.

    I've deleted the sucker. Can't believe I actually installed this spyware.
    Hey Aaron,

    I'm really sorry for the late response, and especially sorry that we didn't properly explain how to turn off the email masking option. If there's any way you will give us another chance (I understand if not), you can it off by clicking on our icon in the top right of your browser and going to Settings. There, under Global Settings, you can click the check mark next to "Don't Track My Email Here" to turn it off. When you refresh your browser, you will never see it again.

    Referring to the spam from other services, the only confusion I can think of is if you masked your email and then got emails from those companies that were labeled "Masked", which is how an email shows up in your inbox when you receive it to a Masked Email. Whether or not those emails have an unsubscribe button, we include a link so that you can block that Masked Email.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and I promise I will response quicker next time.

  • This is a follow up to my first review as I have had a bit more time to try and connect the dots. I am not liking what is becoming more clear to me. This is just MY opinion and in no way to be taken as fact of any wrong doing. I dare not to falsely accuse,

    It is becoming more and more that the tracker blocker ceases to function but the e-mail pop up puts in overtime trying to get you to come aboard. WHY is that? Get back to that in a moment.

    Abine has offered to anyone affected by the Target Database Breach to FREE masked credit cards. I was one of the 70 million. How would you know that though? Take my word for it? Maybe just take my CC number! When you click the link www.abine.com/target it actually takes you here https://dnt.abine.com/#premiumreg with no backing out of the page. Nothing to do with Target on that page or am I not seeing it. What I do see is a POSSIBLE dam about to burst.

    Confidence is gained as DNT starts off damn good as a blocker. So people may start to be inclined to get the mask me addon.I have had a few websites ban me right out because of Mask Me. It didn't mask me it "screwed" me. Then the pressure is on! DNT stops working (in my case it was because I was using FF27 and must have been the odd man out because I KNOW many others also using FF27 with no issues) You are relentlessly hounded by the stupid pop up that supposedly you can stop at anytime(ponzi like replies assuring you that it can be) Yet people still can't turn it off. So the pattern DNT kick starts leads to the possibility of Abine having ALL your e-mail AND CC info. What else is needed to be cleaned out?

    As stated this is MY observation and I seriously hope its just me being overly paranoid. I do not claim that Abine has done any wrong doing. This is only my review.
    Hi Diab,

    Thanks for your in-depth follow up review (and sorry for my late response). It would be great if you could email me so that I can get specifics about a few issues you mention, but here are some quick responses to your issues:

    - Can you let me know specifically where the tracker blocker doesn't work? It would be great to know so that we can have our engineering team look into it ASAP. We pride ourselves on reliability from site to site.

    - abine.com/target redirects to here: https://dnt.abine.com/#promotionreg. You'll see the Target logo big and red at the top! :-) We don't know if you were affected by the breach, but people that weren't generally won't be interested in this (and since ~20% of people in the US were affected, we figure there's a good bet if you show up there you were!)... :)

    - When you get DNTMe, we don't want you to also download MaskMe. Email masking and other "masking" features are built into DNTMe now. Hundreds of thousands of people had both add-on's, and we kept being asked why they were 2 different products, so we made some changes and can now offer both in one. HOWEVER, if you don't want to protect your email (and other personal info), and just want to block trackers, that is perfectly fine. You can always go to the icon in the top right, click on Settings, click the check mark next to "Don't Track My Email Here", and refresh your browser to make sure you will never see them again.

    A little bigger picture, we understand the fear about giving out your credit card (that's why we created Masked Cards in the first place). The point is, though, you can keep your real card in one place and use disposable cards all over the web, or you can use your real card all over the web. It's a way to vastly mitigate risk as an online shopper.

    Let us know if you have any other questions, and feel free to email me directly at zrachins at abine dot com if you want to get more specific about anything. We love to hear feedback from users and use it as the primary tool to improve our product.

  • Really liked your add on, but after all the Snowden disclosures and especially the example of Lavabit, I decided that it is rather silly to have a U.S. based company protecting my privacy issues.

    I know, it seems unfair to judge the quality of your product by these circumstances, but meanwhile there is a contradiction in terms by thinking of "U.S. based privacy services". So building a service like this, based on these deficits, is kind of a fail from the scratch. That's why I give you only one star. And, apart from that, it is the only way of using my customer powers, as limited as they seemed to be.

    Please give me a notice as soon as your headquarters and your servers will be based in a country with decent customer privacy protection, so you won't have to obey U.S.-laws anymore.

    I will check all the services I use for these conditions and proceed in the same manner with other companies. So after I have finished that process, you guys will be in good company with Google, Microsoft and others.

    Thank you.
  • it no longer detects any tracker
    Hey there,

    I would love to help you get DoNotTrackMe working (and I'm terribly sorry for the late response), but I need you to get a little bit more specific. What do you see, and what isn't working?

  • Despite representatives saying they (the masked e-mail pop-ups) could be turned off, I am still getting them on some (not all) web pages. Yes, they show as disabled in the settings menus and YES, I am still getting them at the most awkward fields, e.g. entry of date or numbers et cetera.
    By the way, not so sure how well my privacy is protected when an app monitors all my input - deinstalled.
    Hey afcn,

    I'm terribly sorry that you couldn't get DoNotTrackMe working. I won't repeat any of the instructions our support staff gave you, but it would be awesome if you could email me at zrachins at abine dot com and answer a few questions for me (your input is the primary tool we use to improve our product). I would give you a free month of premium features for your help.

    Sorry again,