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  • The add on helps keep you secure and gives you the "security" piece of mind when browsing, and absolute must have.
  • The addon helps me stay secure by creating extra secure passwords and remembering them for me. It also helps keep me as anonymous as possible and tells me what a website is trying to get from me, like location.
  • I had problems with the add on, the masking was not working correctly, seems that my version of Firefox was out of date. recommend uninstalling the Blur extension, Update Firefox to the latest version, then reinstalling the Blur Extension. I am very satisfied with the quick and good response of Abine CS.
  • Had a problem with masked email forwarding. Sent email to customer service and within 24 hours received a response with correction and a "Sorry". My masked emails are now functioning again. I really love this feature.
  • I like being able to create an account with an unique e-mail. I like the auto fill function. With a click it is done. I like that it makes strong passwords. Support has always been there. I recommend becoming a premium member. I am glad I did!!
  • Blur is awsome ,such a time saver ,not having to type in all your login details every time you visit a site. and all the free options it has are great ,not to mention the paid for options .its a must have add on.well done guys keep up the great work.

    the paid for options
  • Works to give me private emails and blocking "almost" everywhere. Please fix the problem sites I sent in Blur!
  • This was, for years, my favorite and most-utilized add-on. But the tracker blocking hasn't worked for several weeks (months?).

    I go to site ABC. I see by the red "2" on my Blur toolbar button that Blur is blocking two of their trackers. Yay!
    I click my button, then "Tracking," and note that site ABC uses two trackers: Facebook Connect and Google Analytics. However, both are labeled "unblocked."
    Okay, that's weird. Why would there be a red "2" if it wasn't blocking anything?
    I dunno, but no problem. I'll just do a quick switch-on of both trackers and refresh the page. Simple.
    After refreshing the page, Blur reverts both trackers to "unblocked."

    This is how it has gone on. Over. And over. And over. And over again. EVERY site. EVERY tracker. It no longer blocks a single thing. FAIL.
    Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please email us at support [at] get abine [dot] com so we can take a look at your account? Thanks!
  • Some of the VERY best customer support I have ever had.. program works well and is easy to use IF you READ the instructions. Premium user and I think its cheap for the services they provide..
  • Never had any problems with it – not only does it protect your info, if necessary, but the auto-fill options are very useful. Makes everything a lot easier, and I'll probably never stop using it.
  • I have not tried the premium services, but I routinely use the masked email and accounts features. It is surprising how often "legitimate" sites prove to be spammers, directly or indirectly. With Blur's masked emails, turning those unwanted emails off is a cinch! Identification and blocking of trackers is also very helpful, especially when combined with another tool, like NoScript.
  • Not impressed to come back after illness to find that my previous review has disappeared for the second time. :(
    Nobody expects things to be perfect, and I usually find negative reviews more useful than simple praise.

    However: I'd like to report, that with the update to FF47, the problem I had with the disappearing Blur button seems to have been resolved.
    Thank you Abine, for getting me all my passwords back!

    I'll give it 4 star because I'd still like the old MaskMe option of signing in each time I open the browser, rather than having to remember to log out. I don't see any use for the settings selection of log offs by hour or day, at all.

    Thanks for getting back to me, but the settings on Blur do not have the option to log in whenever the browser starts, which was the case with MaskMe. With Blur I nearly always forget to log off when I shut the browser, so your settings of just so many hours, or 'every day' are of very little use. I want Blur to log off when I shut the browser, and not be running if someone else opens it.

    Also the log in system doesn't work very well on sites like this one, where there is a page to put an email address, before the page with the login panel. Blur always tries to log in with my user name in the first page, where email is meant to go, and the various options for the log in do not cover this pattern. Rather a shame that accessing these reviews shows up this drawback of Blur not recognising an email field on its own.
    Hi there, thanks for the review. You can set your "auto-lock" settings for your Blur account via your Blur settings page, here: https://dnt.abine.com/#/settings
  • This used to block all the trackers, but not anymore. Looking at the details on any given site shows a whole mess of trackers are unblocked. Even some that I blocked only minutes before on another site! For instance, Facebook Connect keeps coming up as unblocked, no matter how many times I block it. Either it's a tracker and should be blocked or it's not and it shouldn't show up on the list. Don't call it a tracker then unblock it for me. I no longer trust this and will be looking for an alternative.
    Hi there, sorry for any inconvenience. Sometimes, we unblock trackers by default to preserve a website's core functionality. Check out our FAQs page for more info: http://www.abine.com/faq.html#unblocked
  • I have become a fan of Blur and it's services. I look forward to improvements. Seems a little "wonky" when using with McAfee Safe Search. Had a problem that Support Team was quick to resolve. Premium Members really get first-rate service.
  • I got this add-on in order to anonymize my Google searches. It was working really well. However, since the update about ten days ago, the Private Search feature has been removed. Everything else seems fine, but since I only installed the add-on for Private Search I have to give it a low rating. Question to developers: Will this feature be restored at some point?
    Hi there, sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances, we did have to remove this feature from Blur in Firefox. We do hope to have this feature re-implemented in the future, but we don't currently have an ETA as to when this might happen.
  • I always received an error message when trying to see videos on a specific web site. Within a day I was given the solution from the support agent as it resided in Blur. Tks
  • Granted, I haven't been using this for long, about a week, but I upgraded within days as I was so pleased. I see this being very helpful to me. I'm huge on privacy, and this assists me in maintaining the privacy I desire. Yes, there are quirks, but that's with anything. I'm glad to support this concept and look forward to future improvements.
  • Broke my phone and when restored data to new one, Albine 2FA wasn't there in my authenticater app for some unknown reason. Blur/Albine support helped me get going again in a few hours even though it was a free account. Thanks Will at Albine support!
  • DoNotTrackMe von Abine benutze ich mit Safari und mit Firefox schon sehr lange, aktuell sogar als Premium-User. Extrem hilfreich zur Maskierung von e-Mail Adresse gegen Spam und ungewollten Newsletterflut!
    Der Service ist schnell, kompetent und sehr professionell!

    Sehr zu empfehlen!

    I use DoNotTrackMe from Abine with Safari and Firefox for a long time, now even as a premium user. Extremely helpful for masking e-mail address from spam and unwanted newsletters flood!
    The service is quick, knowledgeable and very professional!

    Highly recommended
  • I am frustrated with Blur. It continues to appear whenever I am entering information necessary to functioning. Adding
    fake information will not complete the task I have at any moment, a task necessary to functioning. I need to know how to get rid of this incredible nuisance.
    Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience. You can always disable any feature of Blur that you do not wish to use. One of the great features of Blur is that it's extremely customizable! For instructions on how to disable the features that you don't want, check out our FAQs page, here: https://dnt.abine.com/#help/faq/faq-configureSettings
  • Blur has the technologies you need to stay secure and protect your privacy, which is what makes it unique and invaluable. It is well designed and well implemented, and its interface is intuitive and attractive.

    Lots to praise and bloody little to complain about.
  • Great addon - got frustrated with LastPass after years of using it. Blur's pretty good - not 100% perfect but willing to stick with it for a few months and see how things go.
  • I used to use LastPass but was persuaded to switch to Blur because of all the extra features - big mistake!
    I use this app mostly as a password manager, but it doesn't even manage to do the basics consistently - it often flat-out refuses to fill my passwords, forcing me deep into its terrible UI to manually copy-and-paste my password (that's right, it doesn't have a 'copy to clipboard' feature). Often, it decides to remember passwords even when I tell it not to. In a word, inconsistent!
    The tracker blocking is all right, but often blocks the wrong stuff, and doesn't block the stuff I want it to.

    Advice to Abine: do one thing, and do it well. This app is bloated, ugly and confusing. It tries to do too many things, and consequently ends up doing them all badly. I will be going back to Ghostery for tracker blocking and attempting to find something else for password management (I hate Lastpass too, but not nearly as much as I hate this app!)
    Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience. Whenever Blur does not recognize a form field, you can always use the "right-click" context menu in order to force Blur to auto-fill the correct information for you.

    Additionally, for instructions on how to disable the account saving feature, check out our FAQs page, here: https://dnt.abine.com/#help/faq/faq-passwordManagementSettings2

    Can you email us with some specifics regarding your comment about tracker blocking: "often blocks the wrong stuff, and doesn't block the stuff I want it to."? Can you provide an example of a time where we're not "blocking" something that you want to be blocked?

    Please email us at support [at] get abine [dot] com, and we're more than happy to try and work through any issues that you're experiencing.
  • Excellent customer service even for my free account (thanks Will !) Like the granularity of the settings for a range of behaviours on specific sites and exceptions.
  • Very quick and supportive help desk /support when I needed re/deactivate two-factor authentication. Thanks Will!