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  • The best way to go is the Premium version. I hate to pay for anything like this, but is well worth it for the convienience and speed.
  • il componente non mi fa visualizzare i video sul sito gazzetta.it.Ho fatto una prova togliendo e poi rimettendo il componente aggiuntivo e questo blocca la visualizzazione.
  • Upon install, asks for an email address which is completely optional for using the tracker-blocking portion of the addon, but does not anywhere mention that signing up for an account is optional. Other than that, works well and supplies a lot of great methods of ensuring privacy (except from Abine).
    Hi there, Sorry for any confusion! You can install the Tracker Blocker without registering for a Blur account- Simply bypass that step if it asks you register. A Blur account is required however when utilizing Masked Emails, Account protection, and other Blur premium features.
  • Absolutely what I needed. Masked emails and phone numbers, syncs across all your devices, works like a charm!!
  • i using this addon from the beggining, when its appears on Mozilla website. last week, i lost acces to my account in one of popular games(i play in this game over 3 years), and i asked for help Support. one important thing i must admitt, i was never a premium user, always as free. Support answered immediately. they create again my lost account, and i again have access to my game. after 5 years, they deserve to leave feedback. THIS IS REALLY GOOD JOB GUYS. THANK YOU AGAIN. especially you, Dave, and your database guru :D
    wish you best.
    Thanks! I'm happy we could help.
  • So far, this add on has been great. I recommend a premium account, not necessary, but I enjoy some of the added features like a masked phone number. My strange calls and emails that I used to receive have dropped dramatically. What used to be daily harassment now is just one or two a week. Their delete me service is kind of cool as well. Worth the investment if you are online allot. Support has been helpful as well, about a day turn around which is very acceptable for subscribers. I have been using it for about a couple months and am happy thus far.
  • Wonderful app that really helps increase your security with passwords. No longer auto store you passwords in your browser. This app makes that unsafe practice obsolete. Thanks for sharing with us!
  • While there are some rough edges and it costs more than some competitors, masked emails make this an indispensable service. You are paying a little more and getting a lot more.
  • Since I have discovered and started using DONOTTRACKME and MASKME I enjoyed them so much. I do not know how long I am a Blur's user and it help me a lot keeping me away from trackers and hiding my e-mail and passwords. Fantastic tool!! I recommend it!!!!
  • Blur is an Excellent tool. Blur is absolutely critical for privacy online. Those who report problems are probably not reading the clear instructions provided by Blur. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE! I've been using Blur for years in Firefox, Chrome, IE without an issue! Michael
  • I don’t want to store the passwords in one place. it not matter, the browser or this app.
    Hi there, sorry for any inconvenience, but we're a bit confused by your review of our extension. Can you email us at support [at] get abine [dot] com with more details about the issues you're experiencing? Thanks!
  • ...after a decade using Firefox.
    Lastpass is notoriously slow, but this is just unbelievable. Even with every single option disabled (other than autofill passwords) the performance is EXTREMELY slow, not just the browsing, even the FF menus take noticeabley longer to appear on screen. I literally have never seen anything like this. Tested on W8.1x64 and FF49.0.2
    Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please email us at support [at] get abine [dot] com with some additional details about the issues you've been experiencing? We've since released an update to Blur for Firefox that we think has resolved the issues you're describing here.
  • Aplicação muito pratica e fácil de usar. Recomendo
  • Excellent. Easy to set-up and use. Questions answered immediately.
  • Working well :)
  • Great little app that really helps increase your security with passwords. No longer auto store you passwords in your browser. This app makes that unsafe practice obsolete.
  • cant open my email anymore so i delete it.
    sorry for any inconvenience, but I'm not sure I understand the issue that you're experiencing here. Can you email us at support [at] get abine [dot] com with a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing so we can look into this for you? Thanks!
  • It doesn't block trackers of twitter on my pc.
    Hi there, sorry for any inconvenience. We're more or less required to white-list trackers when using social media sites, otherwise they'd pretty much break completely. Check out this FAQ for more info: http://www.abine.com/faq.html#unblocked
  • Ever worry about your safety while browsing online? Do you feel like your passwords aren't strong enough to keep hackers out? Then Blur is a God send!

    This not only helps you manage and protect your passwords, it also masks personal information that you share online to make it even safer!

    If you are considering downloading this, I say go for it! Two thumbs up!
    Thanks for the review!
  • In today's age, it's almost impossible to keep up with the number of passwords that we must have for various sites. What makes it more difficult, is making sure each password varies (since you never want to use the same password for more than one site).

    Blur addon makes this daunting task a thing of the past. It's so simple to add/save new passwords when logging into my favorite sites. I don't have to worry about remembering or writing down passwords anymore.

    I love the encryption capabilities when entering my credit card information. Hackers are getting smarter every day, so should our addons.

    Blur gives me peace of mind. Thanks!
  • I love this addon! It helps when I forget my passwords. I will be telling my friends and family about this addon.
    Thanks for the support!!
  • New user after having heard about how well their products work, then finding myself in need.

    I'm not an IT person, so sometimes need technical help. I received excellent help. Replies were very timely and appropriate.

    Based on my experience to date, I expect I will continue to be pleased!

    Thanks, Abine - especially your support department!
  • This app installed seamlessly and immediately with no issues or glitches which gives me confidence over the long run it will work reliably and well. Provides user with security for passwords with encyption and memory services.
  • From what I can tell, this is an easy app to install and it does not seem to be causing any issues with my other add-ons which is a plus. It has already asked me if I wanted to remember a password so it's functioning correctly. I also see that it is notifying me that it stopped a tracker, I believe. I'd say this is a decent password/privacy app.
  • Very good extension and must have if you login to a lot of websites. This extension does a very good job in keeping you safe.