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  • This is some must have privacy sofrware. I've tried others like ghostery and disconnect but blur is the best
  • I occaisonally use the add on to help transition myself back to using Firefox Sync. I recently enabled it, and found it deleted ALL my saved passwords in Firefox. I will not be using Blur again.
    Hi There, I'm sorry you have encountered this. Could you contact us blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com so we can learn more about this? Thanks!
  • I've been using Blur for over a year now to remember my sign-in information for the various web-sites to which I subscribe and to block trackers.

    Outstanding support, very helpful and prompt. Highly recommend.
  • Blur is hands down the BEST pw manager/ privacy extension. Must have for organization and payments online. 5 stars.
    Thanks for the support!
  • I first started using this add-on when it was called DoNotTrackMe. That's all it seemed to do was block ads/trackers. Then it became Blur without much changes except the graphical design. Then after one update all it wanted to do is manage my passwords. Click the tool button or settings were only password related. Then after another update it was back to just ad/tracker blocking. Then it became an annoying password manager nagging me all the time if I want to save passwords Now it's back to just being a ad/tracker blocker. Perhaps I'll make up it's mind for it and remove it from my browser.
  • I was having an issue with Blur in Firefox that only recently started. Up until now everything worked as expected.

    One support ticket later and everything was back to normal. Seems I had jumped the gun on rolling into the Beta V55.0 version of Firefox and this caused Blur (and a couple of other extensions) to misbehave. Rolled back to Firefox 54 and all is well again.
    Thanks fo the support!!
  • I've been using Blur on Chrome and Firefox almost since inception. These guys are the ... stuff. These are quick to respond to my queries and have released updates with a number of my suggestions. If they can't (or won't) do something they'll be open and honest about it.

    This is one of the few companies I have a great deal of confidence in.
    thank you!
  • I wrote a review a couple of weeks ago being kind of desperate with the latest Firefox update. Blur wasn't working the way it used to. Well, this is past and everything is now back to normal with Blur working as well if not better than ever. Great add-on!
    Thanks for your patience!
  • La utilizzo da molti anni (prima aveva un altro nome) e mai avuto problemi o perdite di dati (es: utilizzo le stesse "masked email" dalla registrazione... ) .... installata su tutti i pc.... semper fidelis....
  • Since the last update to 7.5.9010 my Firefox creates massive Memoryproblems. Firefox often stops working, the Harddisk is very busy. After deactivating Blur, the Problems stops.
    I Hope you will fix this Bug soon.

    - - - - - - -
    As recommended I contacted the blur-support. There help was fast and effective. Now my Firefox runs also with Blur fine. Thank you very much. Great support.
    Hi There, I'm sorry you have encountered this! Can you contact us blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com so we can gather some additional information abut this? Thanks!
  • One of the primary reasons I use Blur is for the virtual card feature. I do a lot of purchasing online, and regularly deal with theft of CC numbers. - which means filing disputes, cancelling the card, and waiting for a new card to arrive.

    My CC provider also offers virtual cards, but they've often been problematic (charges flagged as fraud, VERY slow support, etc) the first time out.

    So far, I haven't had a problem using Blur's masked CCs, and it's a real load off my mind to know I can avoid scammers when buying online.

    Also, so far, Blur's email support has been fast too.
    Thanks for your feedback!
  • I'm pleased to get Blur v7.5.9010, compatible with the "next-generation" Firefox v55.0.2.

    Blur is a versatile shield. Don't leave without it.
  • I've been using Blur for several years now to remember my sign-in information for the various web-sites to which I subscribe and to block trackers. Blur excels at both functions. Recently I started having problems with Blur after the latest Firefox 55 update, so I called Blur support. The phone rang 3 times and a live person answered, what a surprise. I explained my situation and the tech immediately sent me email instructions on how to downgrade Firefox to a previous version that would work with Blur until Firefox made the necessary changes that will allow Blur to work with the latest Firefox update. I followed the instructions and now everything is working fine. You can't beat support like that. I'm sold on Blur and you will be too when you install it.
    Hi There, Firefox has released our new extension for FF 55.0 and beyond. I'm sorry for the delay and inconvenience of having to downgrade.
  • I love this addon, but unfortunately it is not working under FF v55.x. Even Version 7.5.2333, which was released to be compatible with FF v55.x, is not working under FF v55.x.

    After release of an working version under FF v55.x I will update my review
    Hi There, Firefox has released our new extension for FF 55.0 and beyond. I'm sorry again for the delay.
  • I have used Blur for years. Loved it until 8/9/17 it just quit working after firefox update
    Hi There, Firefox has released our new extension for FF 55.0 and beyond. I'm sorry again for the delay.
  • At first I was afraid to download this because I thought it might capture all my currently saved passwords but I took a leap of faith and so far so good.

    My first impression is that the download was easy and that it leaves a little icon so you can access it any time. I especially like that I can turn features on or off at any time.

    So far it's working great and not slowing down my browser.

    Looking forward to testing it further
    Thanks! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have support [at] get abine [dot] com.
  • Hi Developer!,
    I have had Lastpass since their beginning but recently-it has been screwy not filling in passwords and freezing. They had a lot of gall doubling the subscription price so I am trying new password managers that use Lastpass type service.Bitwarden is open source and seems to work ok. I am trying different ones but when I tried this I think I found my solution. Your code appears very well integrated with all the modules! I run adguard both in Win 7 OS and browser and it behaves very nicely with it. Whats cool is that it runs smooth while running lastpass and the import feature is the smoothest I have seen. I will be watching the performance and will continue to keep you informed. ( pld beta testor here Dropbox etc)- earlwallace
  • its good blur add on like a lot.
  • wonderful add ons
  • The free version works very well on Firefox and Abdroid, I have been using it for several years now. The support is excellent even for the free version.
    I have not seen anything better especially for free.
  • There was no way to reply to the previous review response.
    There are third-party plugins on a websites that are not popups. Example: Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews. Hundreds of websites use it. Go to http://www.totalwine.com/spirits/bourbon//makers-mark-bourbon-whisky/p/3700175?s=909&igrules=true to see an example.

    Also, Tealium tag management is affected by your plugin.
    When the plugin is turned on, the page breaks.
    Sometimes, Blur blocks trackers which can break the core functionality of a website. You can resolve the issue by allowing certain trackers on any website. Check out this FAQ: https://www.abine.com/faq.html#trackerOff