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  • Amazing seamless integration to other sites and protects well....
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  • Really easy to use which is why I love it so much
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  • I loved Mask.Me, the original version of Blur.

    I had been using blur since its rebranding until I damaged my laptop about 2-3 years ago. I recently purchased a new one in Dec 2017. I added blur immediately to store all my accounts and password.

    Today, 2/25/18, I reset my firefox settings to its default and it re-installed my firefox addons. When I logged back into my blur account, ALL OF MY INFO WAS GONE.

    What a useless addon. What is the point of having a blur login account?


    I will now use firefox's password manager.

    The add-on also slowed my browser when I was working on my new wordpress based site.
  • Easy to use, great tools and SECURE. I have taught my family to use this tool to manage accounts and access sites securely. Best product I have used in years and if you have any questions Abine responds quickly.
  • Cool..
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  • formidable
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  • Blur is the best browser extension I have come across. It helps me in create a strongly encrypted passwords very easily. Email masking is great to prevent spam, and it helps me Auto-fill forms - VERY convenient. Overall it is a strong privacy oriented browser extension.
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  • My main motivation for using Blur is cyber security. Today, all of our personal information is at risk, every website/app forces you to create a password. If you do not have a system for creating unique passwords, hackers can easily access all the website you use. So Blur gives me a secure place to store passwords in an encrypted system.

    Overall, I like the look and feel of the extension. It does a great job explaining what services are provided. I enjoy the dashboard site as well, but I’d suggest making the buttons less generic and larger.

    What I like most about Blur is the password generator. I believe people have the tendency to create passwords that are easy to remember but also easy to figure out. Once someone has access to a password you are using, they can easily use it to access your other accounts. What I like least about Blur is putting my faith into a third-party solution to house my personal passwords. That said, I did some digging and Blur (like other password solutions) uses encryption that prevents them from accessing my data so I feel a little better knowing that.

    Blur is a great tool to generate and store your passwords. I recommend this product to anyone who often forgets their password or for someone who needs to do a better job at creating more secure passwords.
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  • Since I installed and started using Blur, it has really helped to protect my accounts and credit card info via the card masking feature. The password manager and masked emails are very helpful. I will recommend Blur to my friends and family.
  • I first used Blur about 2 years ago. At first I was suspicious as it seemed too good to be true. However, I was impressed and contnued to use Blur. Recently, I changed from Chrome to Firefox. At first I was bereft as Blur did not work, however, after a query to Blur told me how to fix this, it was like welcoming an old friend back. Thoroughlly enjoy this extension.
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  • It's ok - if you trust USA company.
    If you have any questions about our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, use this link to learn more: https://www.abine.com/legal.html. Or, email us directly at blur-support[at]getabine[dot]com with your questions and we can assist you!
  • I have the latest version of Firefox on my galaxy S8 but it tells me that the Blur add on is not available for my platform. What-up dudes?
    Hi there - thanks for the feedback. We've released Blur v. 8.1 in June which should have resolved any open issues that you were experiencing. If you continue to have issues please email us directly at blur-support[at]getabine[dot]com so that we can assist you with your account.
  • Terrible. Blur doesn't Remerber jack. It constantly tells me no account created, yet when I go into Blur there is the information
    Hi There, is it possible for you to contact us blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com. we would like to learn more about the issue you are having. Thanks!
  • Blur is great.
    First it was not clear what the all deal is about but after some time it was clear to be a must have privacy software.
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  • It does a very good job, just as I expected from Albine.
  • You can use Blur's masked email addresses, credit cards, and phone numbers - the safest way to avoid marketing or identity theft. Auto-fill is also helpful for ordering items from sites you visit often. Blur/Abine makes your life easier and you feel safe.
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  • Cool
  • I love using Blur for my passwords and my credit cards. I also use the masked phone number and email features a lot. They are excellent and I can get to my passwords any time. The only pain in using Blur is that so many login pages must be difficult for Blur to find. About 25% of the time I go to a login page and blur either can't see the user name and password box or it tells me I don't have an account there. Also, it tries to fill in my info in forms that have nothing to do with my name or anything private. I do spend time working around these glitches, but it is totally worth it.

    I drink Bulletproof coffee. I love the coffee, but their shopping site is horrible. I used masked cards to buy an order and watched as thieves tried to use the card again but got denied because the funds were all used. That incident alone saved my credit card and a whole lot of hassle cleaning up that sort of mess.
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