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  • Terrible. Blur doesn't Remerber jack. It constantly tells me no account created, yet when I go into Blur there is the information
    Hi There, is it possible for you to contact us blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com. we would like to learn more about the issue you are having. Thanks!
  • Blur is great.
    First it was not clear what the all deal is about but after some time it was clear to be a must have privacy software.
    Thanks for trying us out!
  • It does a very good job, just as I expected from Albine.
  • You can use Blur's masked email addresses, credit cards, and phone numbers - the safest way to avoid marketing or identity theft. Auto-fill is also helpful for ordering items from sites you visit often. Blur/Abine makes your life easier and you feel safe.
    Thanks for your support!
  • Cool
  • I love using Blur for my passwords and my credit cards. I also use the masked phone number and email features a lot. They are excellent and I can get to my passwords any time. The only pain in using Blur is that so many login pages must be difficult for Blur to find. About 25% of the time I go to a login page and blur either can't see the user name and password box or it tells me I don't have an account there. Also, it tries to fill in my info in forms that have nothing to do with my name or anything private. I do spend time working around these glitches, but it is totally worth it.

    I drink Bulletproof coffee. I love the coffee, but their shopping site is horrible. I used masked cards to buy an order and watched as thieves tried to use the card again but got denied because the funds were all used. That incident alone saved my credit card and a whole lot of hassle cleaning up that sort of mess.
    Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated!
  • Blur is a lifesaver. Best password manager and best virtual wallet i've come across in my search for the best products online. I love Masked Emails and Masked Cards.
    Thank you for your support!
  • I have used maskme since it first appeared. This shift from maskme to blur was completely unnecessary, and with the new update for Firefox quantum maskme is not working and i lost all my passwords & masked emails. That tells me one thing this company is completely unreliable. If your a newcomer i recommend looking for a alternative elsewhere, if your an old user its time to look for something else.

    Edit: I appreciate the effort but. I was well aware of the migration to blur, and i have tried doing so. many times in fact, every time it ended in failure. I already did roll back to an older version. Since there is no option to export the data in maskme (or hidden away to a point where its close to impossible to find) i had to process the data manually. i already moved to a different plugin.
    Thank you for being such a long-time user. Unfortunately Maskme has been end of life for years and we've made dozens of attempts to migrate users over to avoid situations like these. We care *passionately* about every customer (as most of the reviews here can attest to) and are deeply troubled by this situation you have reported. I recommend rolling back to your pre-quantum firefox and then migrating to Blur before upgrading - that way we can ensure your data is safe and secure. Please contact us at blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com and ask for Robin so we help.
  • Blur is the awesome! I don't understand the negative reviews. This extension and the folks behind it are top notch. I use Blur every single day for logins, passwords, virtual credit cards and anonymous email addresses; can't ask for much more in a privacy extension!
  • Unclear up front what it does and how it works.
    However after installation it immediately demands both my email, and (yet another) password, still without explaining what it does and why it needs those.
    With all this, the extension has the foul stench of a commercial endeavour that will eventually try to lock me in, sell my data, or give it to the U.S. government.
    So, absolute crapware.
    Thanks for trying Blur. We'd be happy to share details of our host-proof encryption model to assure that we have no access to your data. Please contact us at blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com and ask for Robin so we can help clarify and answer any questions you have. Also, you can use blur as a tracker blocker without a username or password, but to utilize the more advanced features an account is required.
  • This is some must have privacy sofrware. I've tried others like ghostery and disconnect but blur is the best
  • I occaisonally use the add on to help transition myself back to using Firefox Sync. I recently enabled it, and found it deleted ALL my saved passwords in Firefox. I will not be using Blur again.
    Hi There, I'm sorry you have encountered this. Could you contact us blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com so we can learn more about this? Thanks!
  • I've been using Blur for over a year now to remember my sign-in information for the various web-sites to which I subscribe and to block trackers.

    Outstanding support, very helpful and prompt. Highly recommend.
  • Blur is hands down the BEST pw manager/ privacy extension. Must have for organization and payments online. 5 stars.
  • I first started using this add-on when it was called DoNotTrackMe. That's all it seemed to do was block ads/trackers. Then it became Blur without much changes except the graphical design. Then after one update all it wanted to do is manage my passwords. Click the tool button or settings were only password related. Then after another update it was back to just ad/tracker blocking. Then it became an annoying password manager nagging me all the time if I want to save passwords Now it's back to just being a ad/tracker blocker. Perhaps I'll make up it's mind for it and remove it from my browser.
  • I was having an issue with Blur in Firefox that only recently started. Up until now everything worked as expected.

    One support ticket later and everything was back to normal. Seems I had jumped the gun on rolling into the Beta V55.0 version of Firefox and this caused Blur (and a couple of other extensions) to misbehave. Rolled back to Firefox 54 and all is well again.
  • I've been using Blur on Chrome and Firefox almost since inception. These guys are the ... stuff. These are quick to respond to my queries and have released updates with a number of my suggestions. If they can't (or won't) do something they'll be open and honest about it.

    This is one of the few companies I have a great deal of confidence in.