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  • Great app, especially now it becomes more and more clearly how careless some companies are with one's online privacy
    Thanks for the support!!
  • The extension Im looking for. Very good app!
    Thank you!
  • Great app to hide your email address or whatever else you want to pay to hide e.g. phone, credit card etc
    Thanks for the support!!
  • Insanely good!
    I can't believe everyone's not using this? Really?
    Thanks for the support!!
  • The app is doing good so far.
    Thanks for the support and feedback - how are we doing a year later? :)
  • This seems like a great service. I paid for a full year subscription on iOS not knowing the credit card and phone features aren't available for Australian users, or most countries outside the US. PLEASE could you add Australia to the list? And if no, why?
    Hello there - apologies for the poor experience here. We hope to bring all of Blur's features to every one in every country in the near future!
  • Quickly gets the information needed to login or create accounts.
    Only gripe is the popup window obscures the field to be filled. Minor but irritating.
    Thanks for the support and feedback!
  • I love blur, but I hate when the server seems to be down (on my android I notice "you seem to be offline"). It's an excellent product and thanks for fixing android checkout problems, much appreciated!
  • Relatively problem-free user experience. Feature-rich services.
  • great add on
    keep up
    Thanks for the support!
  • Excellent product but has for me one irritating aspect and that is that on some websites, the Email Masking option does not appear when you right click on the page's email input. Do the developers have any suggestions as to why this happens and is there anything I can do to correct it?
    Hi there - thanks for the support and the feedback. If you ever come across a website where Blur is not auto filling correctly for you, just email us directly at blur-support[at]getabine[dot]com so that we can resolve the issue ASAP!
  • You can't backup data (even manually) if you're a free user. So basically if a mishap happens, you lose access to all accounts created via Blur. The add-on was so good, until I learned about this.
    Hi There. Even as a free user you can backup your data at any time. Simply navigate to your settings page and set your data to backup locally, or you can choose to export your stored data on demand at any time.
  • Amazing seamless integration to other sites and protects well....
    Thanks for the support!