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  • Best privacy extension I've tried. Ignore all the negative comments posted by competition. Blur integrates perfectly with Firefox and the masked emails feature makes it worth paying for.
  • the security service seems to be flawless for the average user and the customer support is fantastic.
  • I have used Blur for years and it's never let me down. No matter the device I'm using, I can always access username / e-mail / password for all of my accounts. One of my favourite features is the "Masked E-mail" account because it's perfect for keeping your personal e-mail private when, for example, you're on a "free" website that still requires an e-mail address to sign on. With Blur, my inbox isn't bloated. Great app -- keep up the good work!
  • The best one for this time...
  • One thing that really, really, REALLY pisses me off about these guys, is that, after all this time, they still haven't figured-out how to take care of their West Coast customers.

    Is it truly asking too much for you to add a mere three hours to your support time? Our day doesn't end at 2:00, you know.

    Common people, get with the program!
  • I give you 5 but please fix the ebay sign in i'm tired of having to copy and paste my username and password when using signin.ebay.com
    Hi there - sorry to hear about your issues with eBay. Can you please email our support team at blur-support[at]getabine[dot]com so that we can take a look at this issue? Thanks!
  • Excellent! I've been using Blur for several years without a problem. It's convenient to have that information at hand rather than memory or Web Browsers.
  • love it
    thanks very much for the support!
  • I decided to uninstall, but I can't find the uninstall button in add-ons/extensions.
    Hi there - you can use the instructions in this FAQ to uninstall Blur: https://www.abine.com/faq.html#uninstallBlur
  • The addon is excellent! Saves so much time and gives added security. STRONG passwords Easy to use. Love the masked emails, I never worry about signing up at a new site. If your email is sold you can just delete it and the junk just stops.
    thanks for the support!