tracking/blocking Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Well the post that says he cant get analytics from tracking with dnt well you have to keep in mind analytics does not track you. wow uses analytics to store there css files on so when you go to the wow armory it loads faster. if you block analytics completley some web pages wont look the same, the css file controls padding of headers and color of links and alot of other allows less jumps to get to you.If you want to block google analytics you need the firefox ghostery addon. it blocks all cookies that are in the same family as google analytics.I am very happy with do not track me. As for all the cookies that was there are still there, it does not delete cookies. you need to delete all of your cookies then go from there.or change your settings for how firefox handles gary a few post below, ghostery shows everything it blocks on the top right corner. i use it with dnt. they work well together.If you cant see what ghostery blocks then you didnt configure it right.

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