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  • The most recent update March 2019 has me loving this services even more! With custom email options I have completely cleaned up my inbox. Not your standard password manager - it's better.
  • This company recently had its database and everyone's usernames and passwords exploited by hackers. Do NOT use this irresponsible company and software with your USERNAMES and PASSWORDS. They claim to be a security / privacy related company and yet can't secure or protect anything, not even their own databases with everyone's credentials on...SHOCKING!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!
    Hi there - our notice about the potential exposure of some information about some Blur users is at https://www.abine.com/blog/2018/blur-security-update/. Please contact us at blur-support [at] getabine [dot] com with any questions or for assistance
  • 就不能不用登录此插件的账号?安全性低,多此一举
  • This is an excellent service. Could not live without them. True is that they had a break in recently but the way they handled that info-wise does that my trust for these people is still rock solid.
  • I'm making all my passwords now, after the breach of the Blur accounts in Dec. 2018. I don't want them making up passwords and then telling me i can use Last Pass to make up all new passwords. How do i know they can protect my account from future breaches?