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  • One thing that really, really, REALLY pisses me off about these guys, is that, after all this time, they still haven't figured-out how to take care of their West Coast customers.

    Is it truly asking too much for you to add a mere three hours to your support time? Our day doesn't end at 2:00, you know.

    Common people, get with the program!
  • I give you 5 but please fix the ebay sign in i'm tired of having to copy and paste my username and password when using signin.ebay.com
    Hi there - sorry to hear about your issues with eBay. Can you please email our support team at blur-support[at]getabine[dot]com so that we can take a look at this issue? Thanks!
  • Excellent! I've been using Blur for several years without a problem. It's convenient to have that information at hand rather than memory or Web Browsers.
  • love it
    thanks very much for the support!
  • I decided to uninstall, but I can't find the uninstall button in add-ons/extensions.
    Hi there - you can use the instructions in this FAQ to uninstall Blur: https://www.abine.com/faq.html#uninstallBlur
  • The addon is excellent! Saves so much time and gives added security. STRONG passwords Easy to use. Love the masked emails, I never worry about signing up at a new site. If your email is sold you can just delete it and the junk just stops.
    thanks for the support!
  • The most recent update March 2019 has me loving this services even more! With custom email options I have completely cleaned up my inbox. Not your standard password manager - it's better.
    Thanks for the support!!
  • Blur used to work better. Now, I guess they have a cash cow and do not support it anymore. Far too often when I bring up my browser, Blur fails to load, nor can I open the app itself. I contacted support they said to disable other extensions. I tried that, but that did not work either. Not sure if they just don't care anymore or they made some money and never cared. Regardless, looking for a better product, one that works.
    Hi there - thanks for the feedback. We've released Blur v. 8.1 in June 2019 which should have resolved any open issues that you were experiencing. If you continue to have issues please email us directly at blur-support[at]getabine[dot]com so that we can assist you with your account.