Rated 3 out of 5 stars

DPL is a really good idea and it's worked well so far; thank you. I know it's brand new software, so I thought some feedback would help:

* I can't remove domains from the Filter list. I've tried >Exception and >Reset; both work briefly, but the domain returns to the Filter list by the time I load a few more pages. I tried with www.youtube.com and i.cdn.turner.com.

* I've successfully added several hostnames to the Filter list and IIRC I successfully removed ajax.googleapis.com (or maybe I removed it from the Exceptions list).

* Finally, I don't think I added i.cdn.turner.com to the Filter list, but it's there now. Maybe I made a mistake someplace along the line.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the review and feedback. Appreciate the adventurous spirit. :) DPL works fine here so sharing some possible points that might give answers to your experience.

- auto-filter out common domains [ Goes into the Filter List ] and
- let us include domains that we want [ Exception List ].

* So any domain not in the Exception or Filter list will be candidates for auto-filtering.

* Auto-filtering is based on the value of "extensions.domainPassLite.threshold" so moving the domain to different list will not change the existing count. Only by restarting Firefox or disable/enable DPL will the count starts from 0 again.

* i.cdn.turner.com is not = to cdn.turner.com.
- when cdn.turner.com is moved to the Exception list, i.cdn.turner.com will no longer be auto-filtered.
- however, moving only i.cdn.turner.com to the Exception list will not prevent cdn.turner.com from being auto-filtered. And when cdn.turner.com gets auto-filtered, i.cdn.turner.com will be removed from the Exception list as it is only a secondary domain to cdn.turner.com.

Am real curious whether these clarification will help get you the result you want. If they don't, then it might really be bugs!