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  • don't work with last firefox version 56.0.1: (
  • 希望作者修复下
  • I've been using this addon for years in my job and it's great, however, it's no longer supported by the developers it seems. The most recent version of the addon is considered experimental, and doesn't work with recent versions of Firefox due to the removal of a FFv3 component from the application which manifests as an alert box, or rather many, reporting manager undefined.

    I do have a fix for this though; for the 2.8 version of the addon.
    Open /extensions/{152455DE-7B40-4bcf-B5B4-C68A1BE85A91}/chrome/chromeFiles/content/dndetails.js in an editor and in the dndetails_dbsearch function which starts on line 494 you need to remove the old firefox 3 check.

    So the code below:

    //firefox 4 no longer supports extension manager, using directory service workaround
    const id = "{152455DE-7B40-4bcf-B5B4-C68A1BE85A91}";
    if (parseInt(Application.version.substr(0, 1)) == 3) {
    //firefox 3
    var file = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/extensions/manager;1"]
    } else {
    var file = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/file/directory_service;1"]
    .get("ProfD", Components.interfaces.nsIFile);

    should be replace by this code below:

    //firefox 4 no longer supports extension manager, using directory service workaround
    const id = "{152455DE-7B40-4bcf-B5B4-C68A1BE85A91}";
    var file = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/file/directory_service;1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIProperties).get("ProfD", Components.interfaces.nsIFile);

    I'd like the devs to put this great addon into an open github repository so that users like myself can issue pull requests to resolve issues like this as they come up; also, if they gave us the sources for their IP lists we could update those too!

    So come on Ian Willis & Nathan LaPierre github this and release a new version please.
  • Actually is not moved to the up right bar in Firefox Australis
  • Find your firefox profile directory and open dndetails.js located in

    find this line ( line ~199):

    if (!dndetails_checkProxy()) {

    and change that line with this line

    if (1 == 1) {

    save it. restart firefox.
  • 感觉这工具不错!就是IP地址不能显示,有一点问题!望作者加以修正!
  • Why there is no IP address and flags on tools bar (only message IP Address)?
  • This page offer old version of the addon that doesn't work with last Firefox. To get relevant version go to the bottom of this page, open "Version information" block and click "See complete version history".
    Enjoy working version of this great addon
  • Thank you for making a viable alternative to flagfox.

    However, it needs to have the same info and menu accessible from the url bar flag icon (which should be on by default). Also, it displays erroneous info about internal network IPs, for example it shows as being in Italy.

    And as noted, had to get the most recent 2.8 using the ftp archive! (So I assume this extension doesn't get updated very often and/or may not update it's IP database enough too.)
  • The addon is a must-have for me.
    But the IP is still not shown in the status bar. Details of the IP can be opened but negates the comfort. Please fix it - Running 18.0.2 (DE)
  • This page is messed up. It still downloads 2.7, but if you go to Mozilla's FTP site, look for add-in 2166, you will see 2.8 is there, and it works AOK. Just download it, and install it from the file. Mozilla get your site's database fixed! The new file was updated on 2013_01_14 1053AM. Put this in your addressbar of Firefox: ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/addons/2166/
  • In similar the directory C:\Users\ck\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles to search a file: dndetails.js,and open this with editplus or notepad, find a string: var proxy = this.proxs.resolve (uri, 0) , now modified to:

    try {
    var proxy = this.proxs.resolve (uri, 0);
    }catch (e) {}

    “Domain Details” Extension @Copyright Ian Willis. This is only a temporary solution, It's working after my test. Look forward for the original author update extension to adapt to the latest version of Firefox. 歌词吾爱http://geci52.com歌词吾爱网
    Thanks for this. I've just uploaded a new version (2.8) which fixes this problem.
  • same than datauser

    don't work with last firefox version 18 :(
    I've just uploaded a new version that works with Firefox 18
  • this is a very nice add but today mozilla firefox is upgraded to version 18 and this add is stop work properly , don't show flag and ip address i must click on icon and got to IP Details ........ ?????
    I've just uploaded a new version that works with Firefox 18
  • Hello,
    I have the problem that the Server Icon and the Country Flag in adress bar dissapear. They only stay when Servername and Flag for statusbar is checked!
  • Awesome, long life to this plugin! (FF7 Linux)
  • I really like this addon. I wouldn't mind seeing an option to add robtex.com results under the info button. But anyway, that's not why I came. Your addon and Better Privacy do not get along. When Better Privacy is active I cannot get any whois or domain information. I've used the Better Privacy extension for years, and it's a good one. Would like it if I could eventually use both (I've left a similar review with Better Privacy, too).
    This problem was fixed by the author of Better Privacy.
  • Great addon! The only thing I guess can be easily repaired is to change local IPs (like 192.168.*.*) to some "local" flag, not to mark them as "Italy". ;-)
  • better than serverspy - love the icons and additional options!
  • It has a serious bug in v2.6 when it comes to local webages (e.g. or using the file:// protocol): It makes FF just freeze which is really annoying. 2.5 work fine, but is not ready for FF 3.6.x.. An update on that topic would be great.
  • Speed Dial and Fast Dial, blank pages, localhost pages displays "page load errors". =(
  • Simple .. all in one extension. Using an add-on for flag and then one for ip seems stupid to me. Shows what i want in one simple install. Besides nor i have noticed any refs being sent to any third party website makes this a winner for me. :) Thanks mate!
  • It's a very useful extension, could you just implement, that localhost is not located in japan?!?
  • Bug in v2.6: When I open a virtual host in range - it appears located in JP instead of local machine.
  • Muy Buen complemento "Todo en Uno" para informacion sobre dominios. Cambie el ShowIp por este complemento, me gusta.
    Lo recomiendo, Me ha funcionado perfectamente y es muy completo y acertado. Gracias
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