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  • DOM Inspector and InspectorWidget, I really miss these addons. RIP XUL. RIP Firefox?
  • Hiya
  • "DOM Inspector could not be installed because it is not compatible with Nightly 57.0a1"
  • nice
  • Can you please update this great extension for e10s support?
  • .. that should've been part of Firefox. So now that they "redesigned" the browser once again, and forced the "Box model" into an inconvenient location, I had to use this wonderful addon to identify and hide it. (#layout-wrapper { display: none; } in userChrome.css)
    So Firefox is dying.. and donations are appreciated.. too bad I feel like donating to SeaMonkey Council instead of Firefox. :(
    Thank you for DOM Inspector!
  • I know mozilla changes too frequently and it's pain in the as* for dev to maintain their add-on. I empathize with you. I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it.
  • Anticipation thank you for this great Addon !
    A request to her if it would be possible to adapt it to e10s in Firefox .

    Many thanks for your help, and sorry for my bad English.
  • This is an absolutely must have add-on also in Firefox. I and many others use it every day. But it is still not e10s compatible. Please update it to make it work as it should.
    At moment it is necessary to deactivate E10s in Firefox Developer Edition or Firefox Nightly to can use it.
    Thank you.
  • Helps create userstyles.
  • And more needed than ever before. In Tb45 there is a problem with editing the DOM, I raised [Bug 1267157] on it.
  • I have quite some user CSS (both userChrome and userContent) and this tool is a must-have to find out how to tweak the browser's look and feel (and also that of some IMHO less-than-ideally written web pages).
  • Must have for development
  • Does what it's supposed to.

    Would be nice to display different element states too.
  • Need E10s Support anyway, it broke when E10S enabled on FF, I think E10s support is good because after this it became a standard isn't it?
  • Need e10s support.
  • Just what I needed
  • Copy Selector is missing from the context menu (possibly the single most-used menu item). UPDATE: After still more research, I find that the Copy Selector tool is installed into DOM Inspector by Stylish (which, if I ever knew, then I must have forgotten). Yet another reason why Stylish is essential.
  • Find still seems to fail when searching for IDs. I've tried using both ID and searching for ID as an attribute, yet the search fails to find anything. And I have checked to make sure the item I'm searching for is there; I've even gone straight to the node before starting the ID search, yet nothing is ever found.
  • I really love to customize my firefox interface, and this is very useful in aiding my editing, with chrome page inspection.

    Addon is very good at extending the dom inspection offered by default.
  • works perfectly on Pale Moon!
  • Please add link to "Element Inspector" add-on, it allows Shift + Right clicking any element and it brings it up in this DOM Inspector. This "Element Inspector" makes DOM inspector so so powerful, especially for hover and pop up elements.
  • Searching for ids and other searches don't work. Also if you inspect an element it doesn't blink properly, so it's best to use the inspect on the right hand side. It would be five stars if they fixed the search function. Please fix it!
  • Does this work with Firefox 29? I can open the inspector view.
  • The latest version (2.0.14) doesn't show '!important' icon in "Dom nodes" -> "CSS rules" view (red exclamation mark). Tested with thunderbird 2.0.14.
    Could you please fix it?