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  • 4 years and still no update. Attempted to contact developer through email, Play and Facebook. No response from any channel.

    Dolphin has gone to shit, apparently.
  • no es compatible con las ultimas versiones de FF
  • ok
  • GOOD
  • nt fixed since months.
  • After installing and signing in (with Dolphin account), it seems to be searching indefinitely after clicking on the extension button. On phone, this computer isn't showing up as a device even after what appears to be a successful log in. Would be a handy tool if it worked.
  • Ridiculous, uninstalling asap. Useless.
  • Unfortunately this add-on has not worked for me for a LONG time. I am forced to use Google Chrome as it does work on that. I don't want to use Chrome. I want to use FireFox, and I want to use Dolphin. Thanks :)
  • Авансом за новый релиз.
  • As of this writing, the add-pn cannot be installed from here because supposedly it is still "pending review".

    I bit the bullet and installed the recommended version from an the outside link they provide in the description here.

    Still doesn't work.

    Really bad. Not worth the aggravation
  • このサイトからインストールができないのでDolphinから直接ファイルを送ってもらいましたが、同期中のステータスのまま動かないので再度対応を依頼したところ、「現在の状況は認識しているがまだ対応時期未定」と回答がありました。
  • Stopped working Again.
  • not working now....
  • Unfortunately it is just partially working with the latest revision of Firefox. Can you update please ?!
  • Why post those "download here" if it's not working as well?
    (Works nice in Chrome)
  • Ho Firefox 46.1 ma non mi permette di installarla...
    peccato, prima quando era attiva con il mio tablet era una cosa fantastica e comodissima...
    si fà un passo avanti e due indietro...
  • I need it regularly for tab pushing from my phone, and it doesn't work anymore. If you could update it that would be great. At least bookmarks sync/backup still works.
  • Do you still support this add-on?

    The cloud tab not working.
    can not add Computer Name. The shortcut say No devices connected!

    tab push between PC and Mobile broken,
    this importance feature gone I'm so sad.
  • Immer Fehlermeldungen. Aboluter Müll geworden! Und keine Updates in sicht!!!!
  • I now have to CONSTANTLY logout and log back in if I want to transfer from FF to Dolphin on my Nook HD+. If I don't do so, then Dolphin Connect will REFUSE to send anything even though I have Dolphin ALREADY OPEN!! What's worse is that the developers hardly ever listen to reviewers or even bother with updating this extremely glitchy addon.
  • Won't let me install newest version. Add-on could not be install due to connection failure.
  • Показывает что ошибка
  • Está desactualizado, ni siquiera permite la instalación.
  • Won't let me install newest version. Add-on could not be install due to connection failure. When it works I like it, but seems to have bugs not allowing it to install with the latest versions of firefox.
  • If I try to install this useful plugin, it gives me error! Please, fix it!