It's good Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Maybe the DB need run
delete from dns_records_0_1 where savedate not in (select min(savedate) from dns_records_0_1 group by dns,host)

I mean save dissent host&dns (a host changed IP, it should be recorded)

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If you mean to keep only the latest records.

Thanks for reviewing. The addon is supposed to keep all the DNS records, especially the history. I wonder if you want to minimize the sqlite file?

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I have checked some websites with F12 key of firefox - Network -> Timings and see that all DNS ms times were gone for some websites, so I see the advantage of this addon.

Appreciate rating but can't really take the credit.

The DNS prefetching is handled by Firefox ( This addon saves the DNS records in the local database, but doesn't make usage of it, to perform optimization or else.

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saving is the major goal of this addon

I was and am still not so sure about how to make usage of the saved DNS records. Besides I haven't figured out a way to use the saved DNS to 'hijack' Firefox's DNS lookup. For example, in case a '' isn't in the Firefox DNS cache, and there's a record in this addon's database '' -, I don't know how to tell Firefox to use for it.

One way to override DNS is through host file, like

Anyways, I'll be happy to see other addons (editors, convertors) taking advantage of the saved records, before I know how to.