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  • 非常好用功能完善的網頁內容監視插件,它能夠讓你選定要監視的元素,然後自動刷新監視變動,有變動第一時間會提醒你,而且你還可以在元素內去掉不需要的元素.有高級付費功能,不過免費的功能也夠用了.5星!
  • If there are many open tabs, it will be loaded into the current tab instead of the sticky window.
  • This app actually helped me snag a special edition Nintendo Switch Smash Controller from Bestbuy! Hoping to grab some other rarities online via Amazon. Thanks! Great app.
  • Distill was a really great app for fine-grained control of what website pages should be monitored. While I fully understand why they moved to a subscription model, I think it's rediculous to have to create an account for scanning maximum of 20 pages. A real pity.
  • Periodically and systematically it loses or ruins the watch list, even so I continued using this extension, but now the number of monitored pages is limited to 20 for free accounts, which makes it completely useless for me. I uninstalled it, there are other good free alternatives out there.

    Periódicamente y de forma sistemática pierde o arruina la lista de vigilancia, aun así continué usando esta extensión, pero ahora el número de páginas monitoreadas se limita a 20 para cuentas gratuitas, lo que la hace completamente inútil para mí. La desinstalé, ya que hay otras buenas alternativas gratuitas por ahí.
  • Es braucht nun einen Account um zu funktionieren und dazu ist die Anzahl der lokalen Monitore und damit Seiten auf 20 begrenzt.
    Das ganze Addon ist damit im Grunde kostenlos nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. Wenn man Geld für die Scanner in der Cloud will ok, aber Offline auch? Dafür gibt es andere alternativen.
  • Distill Web Monitor is the best monitoring tool around. As soon as a website is modified a pop-up is shown. I highly recommed this app. It works effortlessly and reliably. Besides, support is excellent: when I had a problem, an employee named Amir responded in no time and helped me out through „screen share“ - amazing!
  • Excellent module pour suivre les pages du web, je l'utilise avec un plan payant avec possibilité d'utiliser le cloud, je souhaiterais télécharger l'apps ios pour mon iphone et recevoir les pushs notifications ? si vous avez une solution ou un lien pour télécharger apps ce serait super Merci
  • I use this daily for checking some websites constantly that offer hard to find items for sale that sell out within minutes (if not seconds). It notifies my phone so I don;t even need to be in front of my computer! This has allowed me to purchase things that I never would have been able to buy otherwise. Because of this it is by far the most valuable firefox plugin that I have used.
  • This app has helped me truly stay on top of the website I monitor for changes. Extremely valuable!
  • Really good extension.
    I would very much appreciate that when I click on the desktop notification the relevant page would open with the changes highlighted
  • This web monitor is extremely useful for tracking hard to find items. Thanks Distill.
  • This addon is a must have. Saves a lot of time!
    Just pick a text on website (price, greyed out size of item, last article...) and it will notify you when price drop, size got availible or old blog got an update! Even the dev helps make a formulas for complicated pages you need. I tested all similar solutions but it works the best.
  • Very useful.
  • its very useful tool, and one of the best web monitor tool I have ever tested.