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  • I tried to disable the compatibility check.
    Has worked on Thunderbird5.
    However, the trial is submitted at your own risk.
    This add-on for me, indispensable.

  • http://elpro.16mb.com/ftp/thunderbird_5_addons/display_mail_user_agent-1.6.6-tb+sm__tb6.0.xpi
    для tb-5.0, tb-6.0

  • Works fine with Thunderbird 5 (if you manually set the compatibility). You can add your own icons for newer programs that aren't supported out-of-the-box, like Outlook 2011 for Mac or mail from the iPad. See their web site for instructions on manually adding your own icons. All-in-all, pretty awesome add-on.

  • Please update to TB 5- not compatible !

  • Seems to work fine with Thunderbird 5.0.

  • Супер! Спасибо!

  • Version 1.6.6 doesn't work with SeaMonkey 2.0.12 - nothing is displayed! Version 1.6.5 is OK for SM.

  • I got the same issue (freezed icon) when "Thunderbird Header Tools" extension is activated :-(

  • I do like this addon and have been using it a long time. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the Thunderbird Conversations addon (I'm using version 1.1.2 (Gmail conversation view) on Thunder 3.1.7).
    After starting Thunderbird DispMUA works fine when changing messages (displaying the correct MUA). But after choosing a message that has a thread associated (that Gmail conversation view displays as a Gmail conversation), DispMUA will always show the same icon for every message regardless of MUA. Hoovering the icon will produce the correct MUA string. Double clicking the icon also, but the icon on the message will not change.
    Thank you for the great addon and continuous development.

  • I have the same issue as vvv888, I also have a Intel-Mac running 10.6.6, Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv:1.9.1b4) Gecko/20090423 Firefox/3.6 GTB5.
    It gets worse the further down you scroll in a msg, and goes away once TB lost and regained focus (ie. after a redraw).
    I have made a screenshot here: http://www.picdrop.net/?v=dispmua.png

  • Useful add-on. But unfortunately it doesn't work flawless on my Mac (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101207 Thunderbird/3.1.7). When this add-on is enabled, I have artifacts on attached images when scrolling them down (Display Attachments Inline checked)

  • Very nice addon, thanks! But - have to confirm it's not working with tb

  • Tengo corriendo la última versión de Thbird en WinXP:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; es-ES; rv: Gecko/20101027 Thunderbird/3.1.6
    Descargué el complemento acá y el instalador me dice que es incompatible con esta versión de Thunderbird

  • Good module, unfortunatly this new version (1.6.6) does NOT work anymore with thunderbird
    1.6.5 does.

  • Version 1.6.6 does not work at all in Icedove (Debian Gnu-Linux's rebranded version of Thunderbird). Version 1.6.5 works well, however.

  • Has been working like a charm during the last few months and I find it really interesting to see automatically which clients other people use. And of course, sometimes you even know the OS which they work on. :-)

  • v1.6.6: when I see a message digitally signed or encrypted, the image of the user agent doesn't change, for example, if the last e-mail what I viewed come from Thunderbird, and the next e-mail come from other client, the image remain of Thunderbird.

  • As a long time user of this excellent add-on I have only high praise for this. However, with Thunderbird 3.x the icon is too large to fit the header pane, touching its bottom edge. That doesn't look professional and is quite hard on the eye, when you spend many hours a day looking at Thunderbird interface.

    I know that the icons are submitted at a fixed dimension (48x48), so there is only few options:

    a) scale the icons down
    b) create a new catalog of icons altogether, prompting users to submit smaller size (crazy idea, I admit)
    c) move the oversized icon to some other place in the header pane (to the far right, after the buttons?)

    Hopefully the developer would come up with some clever idea to polish this annoyance. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  • Excellent Add-on for Thunderbird. It's one of my favorite as I am a Linux/Mac user, who is always curious to know my contacts' OS and MUA. Good job, mate!

  • Is there still no way to run this great add-on and TB Header Tools Extension at the same time?

  • Display Mail User Agent 1.6.5
    works fine with tb3.1

    =====how fix it============
    open .xpi with winrar and edit install.rdf
    and change the line maxversion to

  • Edited the install.rdf to enable thunderbird 3.1.*. Everythings looks OK.

  • Great extension
    since I upgraded to Tb v3.1, I realized how usefull it is since I can't use it anymore
    Please upgrade it asap

  • I changed the extension from xpi to zip, and rewrote maxVersion of install.rdf of the contents of zip. And I installed this ver.1.6.5 into TB 3.1.
    But, This was not able to coexist with the compact header extension. And this seems unstable with the TB Header Tools Extension. Incorrect user agent may be displayed. I am waiting eagerly for improvement.

  • one of the best, if not THE best add on ever for Thunderbird.

    I can't hardly wait for it to work on Lanikai!!!!