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  • It's been working reliably for years. Still, I consider it dead as the developer/maintainer seem to have abandoned it. Over the years I sent several updates for new logos (you can do that right from the plugin) but no release has been published since 2015. I feel really let down.
  • works great on thunderbird 52.4 !
    one star less because it says it's not working with recent tb versions...
  • hi, been using this extension from long time - it just works and never let me down! - I do not remember when I installed this but it was about 2009?
    - using debian 8 and 9, 64bit - thunderbird latest and this extension latest.
  • Thanks! This informative addon works perfectly on my Thunderbird 38.6.0 and Windows 8.1 64b (no Seamonkey needed).
  • I installed this to SeaMonkey 2.35 and so far it has been working properly. Just click on the "Add to SeaMonkey" and "Install anyway".
  • funkční, splňuje to, co je očekáváno
  • Very good exension, untill today...
    Pity that extension seems to be abandoned.
    With TB 31.0 icons are not displayed anymore and cannot be brought back by the adjust dialog.

    I also use Compactheader with 2 lines display.
    That's strange. I'm also using TB 31.0 and CompactHeader 2.0.8 in two lines mode but everything's fine.
    Can you please check if another addon is causing a conflict by disabling them?
  • Thunderbird is greatly enhanced by this perfect add-on!

    Please, do not abandon it!
  • Nice and useful add-on. Really like to see what mail system have been used to send me a message :)
    The only thing I'm not 100% happy with are very large (48x48) icons indicating mail system used. It could be nice if there are smaller icons available (32x32, 24x24...) with possibility to configure the icon size (big, medium, small).
  • Mine still is working well and I have switched from TB to FossaMail. There is a % of mails that it can't identify but more often than not it performs as advertised.

    Good job!
  • Looks good, but caused TB to slow to a crawl opening any email with a binary attachment. A half meg email can take five to ten minutes to render (IMAP/S, server via LAN speeds).

    I've had to remove this addon to regain useful performance in TB.
  • Icons look great, serve a very useful task and it's free!

  • Not working with Postbox's TB fork.
    I'm working with TB only. If somebody wants to use this addon with Postbox's TB clone, then somebody of the "clone warriors" should do the work...
  • It's been some time now that the icons and the information shown on hover does not refresh. It displays the same mail agent info for all messages as the first message you select once thunderbird starts.

    I'm on Win7 x64 and using other addons that mess with the message headers like the Display Mail Route, the Display Contact Photo and the Header Tools Lite. Don't know whether it some incompatibility with these or the fact that I'm using latest nightlies of thunderbird.
  • This is a very useful addon if you are a web administrator of any sort. You can easily see what email client the user is sending mail with, and quickly deduce what OS they are using. With this information, you can more easily assess their situation if they need technical assistance. I love this addon because it helps me immensely.
  • Der "Display Mail User Agent" ist eine praktische Sache. Ich habe ihn heute (erneut) auf allen PCs installiert. Den genauen Namen musste ich allerdings erst über eine Suchmaschine wiederfinden... ;-))

    Viele Grüße und danke an den Entwickler
    /gerd _ 2012-04-18_Mittwoch, ....08.31 h
  • Working great!
  • Great app, but doesn't work in Thunderbird v9.0.1
  • Version 1.6.7 available on developer's website : http://www.juergen-ernst.de/addons/dispmua.html

    Perfectly compatible with Thunderbird 6.0.1
  • I tried version 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 but unfortunately they do not work with TB 6.0.1
    Do you have messages in the error console window? Can you describe in detail why it did not work?
    I have replies that v1.6.7 IS WORKING with TB 6.0.1 and I installed dispMUA on my TB 6.0.1 successfully too.
    So where's the problem?
  • Great add-on, but for SeaMonkey 2.3 only works the former version 1.6.5; it will be possible that Dismua last version works with seamonkey last version.
    Version 1.6.7 of dispMUA will support SeaMonkey as it was in the former version 1.6.5.
    First inofficial version can be found on my homepage.
  • It works on TB6. The hack for TB5 does work if you don't use threaded conversations. You have to type 6.0.
  • I love this extension, but it does not work on TB6. The hack for TB5 does work if you don't use threaded conversations.
  • Pena que não está disponível para o thunderbird 5
  • This is one of the best add-ons I'm using.

    To make it work for Thunderbird 5 just download the package dispmua-1.6.6.xpi from the website http://www.juergen-ernst.de/addons/dispmua.html then open the file with WinZIP/WinRAR - do not extract it - open for editing the file install.rdf and on the bottom of it replace the line

    Then exit the archiver. That should save your changes.

    After that install the add-on manually by going to Tools/Add-on menu and press the [Install] button. Choose the just modified XPI package.

    After that you can upgrade to TB5.

    Should work just fine.