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  • I cannot find it in 'Customize' or toolbar.

  • If I may suggest some improvements.

    1. If possible, clicking the button a 2nd time, it would be nice if it brings scripts back to life.

    If that is possible, then adding a setting to automatically disable JS in a tab after a certain delay after it's fully loaded would be cool, but it would need the ability to add the current site to a list of exceptions, similar to uBlock Origin's interface. It's not really important though. Mnaual use is fine.

    2. If possible, to add a different button that can kill the internet connection for the current tab (leaving javascript working)... like "work offline mode", but per-tab instead of global.

  • Back in 1995 a web page downloaded and it was done. Now days web pages are alive or as I like to say "live blood suckers". I mean there is 0 benefit for the web surfer for the page to be alive; they just want to suck as much blood as possibly, and want to constantly load new ads or refresh their pages to make it seem like more people are using their site than meets the eye. But this addon is a thing of beauty. Just let the page load until you are perfectly satisfied, and hit the letter M and you just killed the page; now the power is in your hands! Of course the letter of choice should be K, and they should implement a "Kill each new tab after X amount of secs". If they did that, this addon would be godly, and I think it would be most worthy of donations.

  • I've been looking for something like this for so long. I got so frustrated not being able to read the text I wanted on sites for all the auto-load videos and pop-ups; not to mention not being able to even scroll sites with way too many videos and images. This is perfect! Thank you so much!

  • So far, I landed on the FBI (you know
    the one) 3 times. The first two times
    I was able to get myself out,
    but who wants to go to
    battle with a rouge program.
    But this last time,
    I used the '''''disallow Script Button'''''.
    I was on my way in seconds.
    Excellent Work ! ! !

  • Excelente Extensão. Funciona muito bem. Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor!!!

  • very good. had a tab hijacked using 'onunload' script which presented a persistent dialog box asking if I wanted to leave the page. Clicking yes only closed the box, not the tab so I couldn't close the tab (I'd never buy or install anything from a company that behaved like that.I was faced with having to Cnt Alt Del FF and losing the work I had in the other tabs. I installed this add-on because it was 'no restart'. After adding the add-on's button to the toolbar, I simply changed to the affected tabs, clicked the button to stop the script, and then simply closed the tabs.... like magic.

  • I used to use another script blocker program that was extremely complex to use. This Add-On is MUCH easier...! I give it 4 stars because it needs just ONE little improvement. It needs an option to set default ALLOW or DISALLOW Scripts BY Website or Domain. I read the news on a website that notoriously refreshes itself about every 90 seconds (I think to bump up its page hit count though I could be wrong). I always forget to disallow scripts when I go to this page. So I'm reading headlines and after about 90 seconds, boom! The page refreshes and I'm back at the top of the page and I've lost my place and I JUST CAN'T HANDLE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS!!! Just kidding...! If I could remember to click the DISALLOW button every time I open this page, I wouldn't have ANY problems in life... Just kidding...! The option to set default on this website to DISALLOW would be really helpful... Thanks!!!