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  • perfect....
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you. In fact backspace key is not designed for navigation. This functionality only causes problems and loss of time. Thank you again becuase you are taking care my blood presure.
  • Very useful extension
  • Fantastic add-on, takes up almost no memory or space, ELIMINATES the damn frustration of accidentally pressing backspace and ruining everything you've entered into forms, especially eBay.

    Thank you for making this. Awesome.
  • lovely addon simply click the add button and ignore the issue
    never again be 3 paragraphs into typing to backspace once and have everything deleted NEVER AGAIN
  • Nothing is more infuriating than to be filling out a complex webform and have Firefox suddenly discard everything you've entered because you hit Backspace one too many times to make a correction. This add-on perfectly solves a problem that should never have existed.
  • So simple, but so useful.
  • Rather then make a mistake in editing Firefox settings, I chose to download this add-on. No fuss, it just works. if you can edit about:config, do it. For the rest of us, there is this add-on to remove the most annoying setting in Firefox. Backspace navigation. I have downloaded this for every version of Firefox since 2 as they came out. Highly Recommended!
  • Though I already use a lot of custom settings in about:config, I installed this plugin to give it a real review on functionality. It works awesome. It's everything the developer planned it to be...a way to stop the backspace from navigation use. 5 stars. If you are unable to change your about:config (for work or whatever reason) use this plugin.I could be lame like other people and give it a one star review because I don't need it, but reviews aren't about the necessity. It's about the functionality. If you don't need it fine, move on. But some people don't now or can't change the inner workings of FF like we do and they may need it.
  • Thank You. Been using this add-on since 1.0. Wondering if you could add the option of disabling the "home" key as well. Sometimes when I hit this while filling a form, it seems to have the same effect as the backspace key (at least for me - mac os x / ffx 3.6.3)
  • you don't need a extension just go to about:config and filter browser.backspace_action
    change its value to 2
  • Thank you for this! At least once per day I'm composing an email and hit backspace (or delete since I'm on Mac) and the browser thinks I hit the back button!
  • Thanks!!!!! I usually get furious when I'm trying yo erase a word on an input and Firefox take me one or two pages black!
  • I love you...
    ...and I don't even want your Bud Lite.
  • Great add-on for people who aren't so technically inclined, situated, and/or adapted.

    @maiamaia: Enter the URL "about:config". Search for "browser.backspace_action". Set it to "2".
  • @ all you 1337 people, it's no use telling me i could edit the about:config unless you come round my house and show me what that is. I didn't use a computer until 3 years ago, some of us are old:(
  • Thank you thank you thank you, i use PgDn, as my pc labels it, a lot, only i'm forever hitting Del - and then the roof. Why did they do this? It's not like touchtypists use Del infrequently..
  • I prefer to change it in about:config, BUT I see no problem with you creating this for people that don't.
  • Thank you.
    I think mode-less is most important feature for interfaces.

    Backspace should be always work as a "backspace".
    Backspace's modality is really bothersome for me for a long time.
    #So I hate using IE. ;-)
  • I prefer not to have to edit the configuration like others are saying I could. I don't have the time to learn how, and I don't want to get other add ons to be able to do it. This add on is a necessity on all of my computers (really nice when your mouse has a thumb activated back button).
  • perfect! backspace navigation is really annoying when you accidentally use it when your filling out forms and things.
  • The about:config area is not for everyone and sometimes browser updates mess with the settings there. So I am glad that someone has taken the trouble, no matter how "small", to save me from the frustration of accidentally resetting a form due to the backspace "feature" being re-enabled.
  • There is no point in this extension when you can more easily set this preference with about:config (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.backspace_action)
  • Completely pointless
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