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  • Good but it needs more customization...

    Doesn't seem to block preloading of videos which I need with my limited data.

    More options like a button to toggle the addon on/off.
    And an option to hide the red border would be nice.
  • Works for the most part. My configuration is (Windows 7 Home Premium + Latest version of Firefox).

    When an YouTube Video page is being loaded, the video is successfully blocked from playing automatically.

    However, the downside is, once we click the red box (that this add-on overlays on top of the video) and make the video play, the add-on does not seem to work when we click and open a "suggested video" that is displayed on the original video's page. Hopefully the developer could sort this out. I will increase the Star Rating to 5 once this issue is taken care of.

    Steps to recreate issue:
    1) Load any video on YouTube
    2) Click the red box displayed on top of the video to make the video to play
    3) Now click one of the suggested videos displayed on the right side of the original video's YouTube page (Or, after the original video you opened completes playing, click on one of the suggested videos displayed on the Video Player).
    4) The suggested video will load, but this time the add-on fails to kick in. This video still automatically plays.

    Workaround for the time being:
    In step #3 above, instead of directly clicking on any of the suggested videos, open the suggested video in a NEW TAB (by right clicking and selecting 'Open link in new tab' or by pressing and holding the 'Control' key in your keyboard while clicking). Now the add-on kicks-in in the new tab as expected and stops the auto play of the video in the newly opened tab (even if the video on the original tab is still playing).
  • I've only had the app installed for a day, but so far all is great. It stops auto-play!
    I've seen the comments about a whitelist and agree that would be a good addition; however, at this time, I don't have any videos that I want to auto-play, so I'm "meh" on a whitelist.
    I also want to say that I don't mind the red box around the video. It helps me to "see" that the video has been stopped.
    Great job. Thanks much.
  • Hi thanks for creating. Please consider adding a whitelist feature. Example: I would like to always allow 'youtube.com' and 'v.reddit.com' but nothing else.

    Also is this extension code on Github, if so could you add a link to your page.
  • This add-on does exactly what it says it will do :) Very good if you don't like all those videos that play automatically!
  • Works great and as advertised! I wish there was a whitelist feature for sites I want autoplay enabled, maybe the dev can add that in the future.
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I was just at a site reading what ever it had to say and as I passed 4 videos, each began to play. I paused each and tried to read as fast as I could because I'm sure it's loading the video. I do have unlimited data with my isp, but seeing the video moving while I'm trying to read is annoying. And seeing 4, well, I was ready to pull my hair out. I was looking for an addon to stop this behavior and yours is the only one that does this the way I want it done, "Click to Play". And, I like the red box around the video. I give this an 11 (10+1 Spinal Tap).
  • This is a very good idea, especially considering the dearth of HTML5 Autoplay-blocking add-ons in the Firefox landscape. The only thing I am badly missing here is a whitelist; please, dev, could you consider adding one in a future update?

    Many thanks for your efforts.
  • Whitelist please!
  • Works everywhere and does it job perfectly. I also like the red box someone else disliked, guess that's a personal thing. The only thing I would like to see is a whitelist. Maybe in future update?

    Anyway thanks Ed Gar, have been looking for such an addon for a long time.
  • Does what it was made to do, so five stars from me, I like the red box, let's me know when it's working and where. Thanks for your efforts dev. :)
  • Could you make this addon prevent buffering as well? Also it would be nice if you could implement a whitelist so that only sites that are on the whitelist are affected by the addon and a blacklist for people that want it to work in all the site except for the ones in the blacklist.
  • Works, but poorly implemented. I don't need a big red box, and I want to turn off the video once it starts. Fix it and I'll give 5 stars.
    Thanks for your comment. The red box was added by purpose - some portals tries to trick the browser, I mean the "media.autoplay.enabled" setting from "about:config", by starting the video via script two seconds after page is loaded, it's difficult to distinguish the real user's click from the fake click.
    Besides, I like Opera's Click-to-Play.