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  • I've only had the app installed for a day, but so far all is great. It stops auto-play!
    I've seen the comments about a whitelist and agree that would be a good addition; however, at this time, I don't have any videos that I want to auto-play, so I'm "meh" on a whitelist.
    I also want to say that I don't mind the red box around the video. It helps me to "see" that the video has been stopped.
    Great job. Thanks much.
  • Hi thanks for creating. Please consider adding a whitelist feature. Example: I would like to always allow 'youtube.com' and 'v.reddit.com' but nothing else.

    Also is this extension code on Github, if so could you add a link to your page.
  • This add-on does exactly what it says it will do :) Very good if you don't like all those videos that play automatically!
  • Works great and as advertised! I wish there was a whitelist feature for sites I want autoplay enabled, maybe the dev can add that in the future.
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I was just at a site reading what ever it had to say and as I passed 4 videos, each began to play. I paused each and tried to read as fast as I could because I'm sure it's loading the video. I do have unlimited data with my isp, but seeing the video moving while I'm trying to read is annoying. And seeing 4, well, I was ready to pull my hair out. I was looking for an addon to stop this behavior and yours is the only one that does this the way I want it done, "Click to Play". And, I like the red box around the video. I give this an 11 (10+1 Spinal Tap).
  • This is a very good idea, especially considering the dearth of HTML5 Autoplay-blocking add-ons in the Firefox landscape. The only thing I am badly missing here is a whitelist; please, dev, could you consider adding one in a future update?

    Many thanks for your efforts.
  • Whitelist please!
  • Works everywhere and does it job perfectly. I also like the red box someone else disliked, guess that's a personal thing. The only thing I would like to see is a whitelist. Maybe in future update?

    Anyway thanks Ed Gar, have been looking for such an addon for a long time.
  • Does what it was made to do, so five stars from me, I like the red box, let's me know when it's working and where. Thanks for your efforts dev. :)
  • Could you make this addon prevent buffering as well? Also it would be nice if you could implement a whitelist so that only sites that are on the whitelist are affected by the addon and a blacklist for people that want it to work in all the site except for the ones in the blacklist.
  • Works, but poorly implemented. I don't need a big red box, and I want to turn off the video once it starts. Fix it and I'll give 5 stars.
    Thanks for your comment. The red box was added by purpose - some portals tries to trick the browser, I mean the "media.autoplay.enabled" setting from "about:config", by starting the video via script two seconds after page is loaded, it's difficult to distinguish the real user's click from the fake click.
    Besides, I like Opera's Click-to-Play.