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  • It works, and I'll give it that. However, if we could whitelist certain websites and they got rid of the jarring red boarder, it would be much, much better.
  • Works where other addons don't. However this needs to add exception websites like YouTube etc where we do expect videos to autoplay. It would also help to have an address bar icon to quickly disable it if we need to.
  • This works 100% of the time. Unfortunately some sites it works too well. There are some video sites, like Netflix and Amazon, where I wish I could white list those sites to they will operate normally. DAP messes up NF and AP and to get them to work you have to disable the extension.
  • This worked perfectly initially for months. No video played within the red outline. I'm sorry to say, however, that recently videos have been playing immediately EVEN THOUGH they are within a red outline. I'm very disappointed as it previously worked well.
  • Very effective in blocking auto play in audios and videos. The video will play only if you click the "click to play" option. So far so good. Thanks.
  • works but yahoo has been wising up.now theres times when u will click one vid to play and another square remains in the same area..and if u click that square to make it go away another vid will start playing..
    this does its job of not having things not play automatically but could use a lil adapting to the new annoying things that are coming our way
  • Unlike similar extensions that claim to stop videos autoplaying, this one actually WORKS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • The only one I found, working on YouTube and Computerbild.de (example https://www.computerbild.de/artikel/cbs-Tests-PS4-Devil-May-Cry-5-21856621.html).

    Thumbs up!
  • this is the only autostopper I've tried that actually works. I've recently switched to chrome (FF is a memory hog!)...do you have a version for chrome?
  • Very nice in comparison to similar addons as it's easy to see which vids were stopped.

    Some cusotomization would be welcome though - i.e. toolbar button with on/off toggle and a site black/gray/whitelist (surely, all of this code can be copy/pasted from an open source addon, if you release the source code yourself?)
  • It works. But without source code no one can tell if it spies.
  • very good!
  • Even though I have autoplay disabled in about:config, some videos were still playing. This addon stopped them. Thanks!
  • Would be a lot better if it had like a whitelist so i don't have to keep clicking to watch hulu or youtube. I just want videos on those sites to play automatically. everywhere else Not so much.
  • На youtube нормально работает.
  • Actually works so far. The other one stopped working.
  • I am so happy I found this addon - going to website fumbling to stop the videos from playing was is very frustrating! Now I can work in peace Thank you! I would give this add on 5 stars if it was an all or nothing solution to whitelist sites attempting to use Netflix is a nightmare because the red box covers some of the setting example if you want to read about or rate a movie.
  • Good but it needs more customization...

    Doesn't seem to block preloading of videos which I need with my limited data.

    More options like a button to toggle the addon on/off.
    And an option to hide the red border would be nice.
  • Works for the most part. My configuration is (Windows 7 Home Premium + Latest version of Firefox).

    When an YouTube Video page is being loaded, the video is successfully blocked from playing automatically.

    However, the downside is, once we click the red box (that this add-on overlays on top of the video) and make the video play, the add-on does not seem to work when we click and open a "suggested video" that is displayed on the original video's page. Hopefully the developer could sort this out. I will increase the Star Rating to 5 once this issue is taken care of.

    Steps to recreate issue:
    1) Load any video on YouTube
    2) Click the red box displayed on top of the video to make the video to play
    3) Now click one of the suggested videos displayed on the right side of the original video's YouTube page (Or, after the original video you opened completes playing, click on one of the suggested videos displayed on the Video Player).
    4) The suggested video will load, but this time the add-on fails to kick in. This video still automatically plays.

    Workaround for the time being:
    In step #3 above, instead of directly clicking on any of the suggested videos, open the suggested video in a NEW TAB (by right clicking and selecting 'Open link in new tab' or by pressing and holding the 'Control' key in your keyboard while clicking). Now the add-on kicks-in in the new tab as expected and stops the auto play of the video in the newly opened tab (even if the video on the original tab is still playing).
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