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  • Uses a simple CSS rule to hide the news feed. Still loads the feed (and you may see the feed for a split second) so can't give 5 stars but definitely does not (and cannot possibly) steal your data
  • Works.
  • If you view this extension's source, there's no actual javascript code. It doesn't do anything.
    Just because it doesn't have js code doesn't mean it wont do anything.
  • Very helpful. Got here reading "How To Stop Being Addicted To Facebook" https://betterhumans.coach.me/how-to-stop-being-addicted-to-facebook-cb4c1138d63
  • It's a fantastic idea but it only works half of the time. Also, if all it does is set the feed element to zero I don't see why it needs access to my facebook data. You're probably better off using leechblock.
    Looked into the matter and fixed some bugs in the new version.
  • What this add-on technically does: it sets the size of the news feed element to zero. Nothing else. So FB frontpage still loads the feed and I can see it for about 1 second, then the add-on starts to kick in.

    The add-on is technically very simple and I see no sign of spyware in the source code, contrary to what some reviewers have feared.
  • Does not block anything. I thinl it just steal data from your accaount, beware!
  • I'm using Firefox 54, and the app does not remove the Facebook news feed
  • Simple, it does its job with no extra. Exactly what I needed.