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  • Perfect, exactly what i wanted, thank you !
  • The ratio of time-saved (soooo much) to lines of code (3) is through the roof on this extension. After using it for ~4-5 months, was inspired to create my own extension that removes even more clutter from the Facebook/Twitter homepage. Cheers!
  • Thank you, Working good , keep it up and upgrade it more
  • Does its job right. Thanks
  • Works perfectly
  • Very simple, does exactly what it says. Doesn't even need a firefox restart.

    Also blocking the newsfeed seems quite effective against getting stuck on facebook.
  • Does what it says. No performance issues. Good shit
  • Does what it says, simply and effectively.
  • Does the job very well, and nothing else.
  • Works for firefox Quantum when few add-ons does
  • Works as expected. Could add functionalities though like the one for chrome.
  • Open source would be nice
    An useful feature could be to put a personnalized message instead of the newsfeed (as in the chrome version of the app)

    Thanks for sharing
  • Fixes most everything wrong with Facebook with one simple change.

    I wish it was open source, because I don't like installing software from strangers.
  • Spełnia swoją funkcję. Nie zauważyłem wad. Główna strona Facebooka pozostaje pusta i znika nawyk przeglądania Facebooka!
  • Doesn't seem to work in Firefox 58
  • _What I love: _
    This extension does exactly what it says. It removes the news feed, but leaves me with full access to my notifications in the top right corner, and my list of forums/groups that I try to follow in the left sidebar. This way I don't get distracted by all kinds of status updates and stuff in the news feed, while I get to use FB for what I actually need it for. If you're familiar with "News Feed Eradicator" in Chrome, this extension seems to do the exact same thing, but without the profound and non-contextualized, thought provoking quotes :p

    Also: With the last update (1.1) the bug where the news feed was visible for a second or two when you first entered the page has been removed! Brilliant! :)

    _One thing that I don't like:_
    There are some situations where the extension doesn't work. When I go to facebook.com, there's no news feed, but when I go to the FB front page by clicking the FB-logo in the top left corner (i.e. through https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo), I get the news feed. Still - this is a very much needed extension, so I'm giving a full star review!

    _What I fear:_
    Spyware. But as far as I can see, this seems legit - although I'm not qualified to stand for that statement.
    Will look into the matter in a couple of days.
  • I think this is very useful for people who need to use Facebook messenger etc without wasting time browsing useless news feed