62 reviews
  • It just works 5/5
    Use it with hide stories and facebook suddenly looks like nothing more than a chat. great:D
  • works
  • Good ad-ons and please make for Chromium/Google Chrome.
  • Great add-on, simple and does what it says. Could use an update to also remove the "Stories" box at the top, but otherwise a brilliant add-on
  • Updated and working well again.

    "Used to work seamlessly. Now it auto uninstalled and says it could not be installed because it appears to be corrupted. I'm on Android Firefox."
    This is a recent firefox problem. They have fixed the problem in the newest update for desktop, i am not sure about android. Try updating to the latest version.
  • It just works! Saved me lots of time!!
  • Works perfectly on both desktop and mobile. Thank you!
  • Oh my, Facebook how it always should have been!
  • Works like a charm
  • Works perfectly on my Android phone. This will save me so much wasted scrolling!
  • Thank you for this extension, it does exactly what I expected!
  • Does what it says for a great price (which is free).
  • Works as intended, would be cool to be able to disable for 15 minutes or so