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  • Considering how popular this addon is, why not simply include keybindings in the regular preferences?
  • This very simple addon is a must-have to avoid blasting your keyboard after failing to type ctrl-w to close a tab.
    Thanks a lot sir !
  • Good, but should also disable Ctrl+Shift+W
  • .
  • Does exactly what promised, nothing more, nothing less.
  • I used to use 'customizable shortcuts' to achieve this single thing and now it's gone. This does exactly what it claims. Whatever dev thought 'close FF' and 'close tabs' shortcuts should be next to eachother needs a kick in the shin.
  • This annoying problem was bugging me for ages. Nothing else worked consistently.
    Not even MenuWizard does this across sessions.
    *** Checked in Ubuntu 14.04
  • Tested on Linux Mint. Perfect!
  • Works as advertised. Glad I found this before smashing my laptop!
  • Thank you for fixing this redicoulous bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=419009
  • Well I have to type something, so... This program has a grand total of one simple function, which it does well.
  • Works like a charm!
  • If I have heard about this pluging 12hours ago, I would not have lost 12 hours of work!!!

    Thanks for this useful plugin
  • Simple fix for a simple problem!
  • It's ridiculous that you have to install an extension to fix a simple bug that has been filed 15 years ago (and still not fixed), but well, this extension does what it says it does.
  • Works for Manjaro i3 edition.
  • Works perfect Debian Jessie x86_64, Iceweasel 40.0
  • It works
  • Must-have. Save me lots of time, thanks!
  • Pretty darn good.
  • How could mozilla ever think it was a good idea to place a shortcut like this beween the [close tab] and [next tab] shortcut?
    This fixes it, thanks!

    This add-on disables my firefox menu button if I have it running on arch linux. On ubuntu it still works fine (and it always has).
  • I, Walter O'Brien Scorpion, hereby thank the developers of this plugin for thinking out this add-on. There are a million instances that this has saved my life. Typing fast on modern flat keyboards can sometimes be a mess, especially if you accidentally press CTRL+Q and close your whole session. Well I, Walter O'Brien, have learned that the hard way - and now I'm using this and all my worries regarding the issue mentioned above are gone...
  • I've pressed this by mistake a lot lately. I've got a safety net now :D
  • Does what it says.
    Firefox 35.0.1 + Arch Linux x86_64 + tiling window manager i3.
  • Yet another case, when I think to myself "I shouldn't need an extension for that"... But it's surely better than hitting Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+W by mistake.
    So thank you for creating this extension!