73 reviews
  • Does not work on Ubuntu.
  • Thank you. What a stupid shortcut that is.
  • Works on Windows 10 with Firefox 66.0.2.
  • Absolute essential Add-on ! Works perfectly reliable !
  • Works as expected on macOS, the shortcut no longer quits Firefox.
    On GNU/Linux it doens't work as stated in the description, until upstream adds the necessary APIs.
  • Doesn't work. Ctrl-q still quits Firefox 62.0.2.
  • it doesn't work
  • Works flawlessly on MacOS.
    Would you mind publishing the source code? A GitHub repo would be great.
  • Doesn't work on Ubuntu!
  • doesnt work
  • STILL does not work on Linux.
  • It doesn't work. At all.
  • I'm giving 3 start because I didn't read that this doesn't work on linux.

    Note for other Linux users: Most DEs use control q as a universal keybind. Unbind it first.
  • Does not work (Firefox 61.0.1 on Linux).
  • July 12 2018, still not wrrking for linux
  • This addon does not work. It allows ctrl+q and cmd+q to both close Firefox.
    I just tested, and Cmd-Q still works for me in Firefox 61.0.1 on macOS.
  • It doesn't work at all. I'm running Firefox 62 on Debian Stretch with Gnome.

    I'd like to apologize as I just now realized that the description says the extension doesn't work for Linux. Apparently there doesn't seem to be a way to delete my review, so I'm changing my rating from 1 star to 3 which I consider neutral.
  • I used to take advantage, before FF Quantum, of the great "Warn before quit" plugin, that was much more comfortable: you were simply prompted to press CMD-Q again if you were sure of quitting.
    Here it's to basic to just disable CMD-Q! At least, there should be the option to quit otherwise, for instance by Alt-Q or whatever else.
    This add-on is meant to disable the Cmd-Q shortcut.
    Use the "Quit" menu item at the "File" menu to quit anyway.
  • You had one job
    (Ubuntu 18.04, FF60)
  • Best. Add-on. Ever. It's as simple as that. Windows 10 user.
  • Does not work on Ubuntu w/ FF 60.0