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  • Works for me. Source code is essentially provided. FF 55.0.2 (64-bit) for Ubuntu.

  • Excellent, eliminates css when it interferes with a browser's functionality

  • it works on firefox 33.0

    Developer response

    I actually recommend you install Greasemonkey from this site and then my Remove Style script http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/476965

  • Doesn't work at all!

  • Very nice extension, just what I needed. Thanks!

    I am currently trying to learn how to write a FireFox extension too... would you happen to have the source code of this extension on github or something?

    Other than wanting to see how this could have been written, I am keen to learn how to extend it, so maybe it can keep a list of sites, like the other comment mentioned?

    Developer response

    You can open the XPI that you download from this site as a compressed ZIP file and check out resources/disable-css/lib/main.js .

  • Would like to see it keep a list of sites to allow or block CSS, instead of the global way it acts now.

  • Does what it says and is simple to use. A keyboard shortcut would be nice, but the button in the context menu does its job.