Excellent Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Seems to work fantastically!

Knowing the prevalence of abuse of data by Google; monetizing on data and common ease of cooperation with LE and govt., highest bidder or such in ways users would not approve of this is a wonderful extension and appears to be working superbly!

Hopefully it'll remain getting updated and in ways well enough to evade their eventual algorithms to bypass.

Either way, very much appreciate your work so far. I am very grateful. The extension and updates of it seems to be working very well, and the configuration of to tune it to my use without noticing any issue otherwise has gone very smoothly, while likely not needed in the first place at all and working as-is anyway.

Just thought I - for once- would throw out some feedback for an addon seeing how few reviews and feedback there is from others so far.. That seems strange, and I can only presume not enough have picked up on the value of this - yet.

Besides knowing less used means more likely to benefit myself from the use of this addon; given less attention by Google in regards to countering, I just wanted to possibly give a little encouragement to the author and recognize them for their great work, by the tiny act of trying to express my gratitude with this little review, at least

Awesome work. I can only hope it will keep being updated further.. You have my thanks, friend!

- this has remained one of my favorite addons for a long time actually...heheh! :P

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Problems with extensions like this and I have tried a couple before, Google quickly determines that multiple searches are launched and will ask every time to confirm that you are human by captcha or other means.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.1-signed). 

Yes, we realize that this is an issue. This is why we allow the user to set the number of diluted searches per real search. We believe that the default of 10 searches per actual real search will not cause problems in most cases. If you are indeed performing so many searches that 10 searches per actual search does trigger the captcha, that's why we allow the user to reduce this number (see "Number of Diluted-Searches" in the plugin preferences).

I will update the documentation at https://github.com/dilutedsearch/DilutedSearch/blob/master/doc/main.md to state this specifically.