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  • Günstig und nutzbar
  • Has an annoying CTRL-SHIFT-V shortcut that gets in the way of posting content without formatting. I'd say this is a poorly planned shortcut key-combination. I could not find an option to disable or change this shortcut, so I had to uninstall the otherwise good add-on.
  • highlight or organize in reading,
    no more delay
  • Great app that I use daily to organize and present content...
  • This is simply a wonderful, virtually life-saving instrument.
  • Diigo service is excellent, but modern versions of the Diigo extension are troublesome.

    Prefer legacy Diigo Toolbar, with Waterfox instead of Firefox.

    Current version seems unable to bookmark PDF URLs, and so on.
  • Very poorly made extension, don't install! It causes a huge slowing of the page. On almost every page I visit, I have a yellow warning window on the top (it's from Firefox, it's not a malware) saying that Diigo causes big slowing down. Plus, I'm more and more unhappy with this service, it's too expensive, and free account is way too limited. Worse and worse.
  • Very usefull!!
  • In last versions of Firefox (at least in Firefox Web Developer Edition, which is were I had this installed) this extension has/causes a memory leak, at least with you have too many tabs. It devores all the memory available and then, the machine get frozen and I need to reboot :). It goes from 6-7 gigas of normal usage (in my PC, because the software I have usually running, of course) to all my 16GB, in 1-2 minutes. It's crazy.
    I uninstalled it, because, in fact, I'm not using this extension for a while, but I just comment for you to be aware of it.
    Probably, this extension not being updated since last November doesn't help at this.
  • thanks for app ok
  • Thank you for this app, very helpful, buy it ever month.
  • Long time user here. Extremely useful addon but the firefox version needs some more constant love... kinda feels second to chrome.
  • This is a great add-on I've been using for several years as a premium user. That said, it seems the development of the Firefox version halted or at least slowed down. The last version in Firefox is from Nov 8 2017 vs July 2018 for Chrome. I've noticed several bugs and things that do not work anymore. Judging by the ratings in both platforms it seems Chrome users are getting a better experience. This is unfortunate for me, as I like Firefox better than Chrome. My rating is in good faith for now but if they let the Firefox version die I will drop my subscription.