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  • your own structured library for quick reference.

  • Very easy to mark sites, and then create an outline is amazinf

  • I am continually told that Diigo Web Collector is slowing down my Firefox browser. Is there a solution for this as I like using both products.

  • Excellent!

  • Top notch tool for managing a lot of dissimilar information. Helps me track things and respond intelligently.

  • This is the web storage system that I have wanted for many years. Annotate webpages (like Edge wishes it could). Easy to use. Good system for adding tags, searching, organizing links. Access it from any browser. The add-on for Firefox seems to work perfectly. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

  • There are annoyances, such as excessively poups but it is interesting to try. I have all my bookmarks there, so I cant to change.

  • Wonderful library tool, practical, and great support

  • Amazing help with learning and organizing research!

  • I use Diigo since 2009, to have on hand all the bookmarks of pages I want to keep, for future revisions. Indisputably Diigo is the best.

  • Fantastic!!

  • Just awesome!

  • Excelente por donde lo mires.
    Muy útil cuando necesitas sacar notas o apuntes de varios sitios web y no te interesa andar copiando o resumiendo dicha información.
    Lo uso en el ámbito académico y profesional. Me da mucho resultado.
    Sería muy positivo mejorar la integración con Safari de MAC OS, eso no funciona del todo bien.

  • Closed sourced vendor lock in. During export they do not add commas into tags, added date, modified date, do not escape < > inside description so totally breaking import into Firefox. During export into IE they do even less. Firefox sites shows it is MPL, but it is not. Diigo does not properly supports Firefox on Ubuntu.

  • I have used it for over 10 years and it is perfect for keeping and organising information on the web.

  • good plugin

  • easy, fast, useful, clean. Great tool to organize informations.

  • best solution to annotate and refer the web

  • I've been using this for years now, when the downfall of del.icio.us was on the horizon. It makes it simple and easy to collect a tagged directory of web links, annotate pages or just flag stuff to read later.

  • Muito Bom!

  • Having been using it without problems for a few years now.

  • The capture feature interferes with my audio transcription work with the annotate feature sitting right on top of the audio slide, which makes it sometimes impossible for me to re-listen to portions of the audio. There doesn't seem to be any way to turn it. Although I like the webpage archiving, I am seriously considering finding another way to save webpages.

  • The ease with which one can highlight, tag and save material is remarkable. If you need to find stuff in the future for research purposes or just for fun this is a terrific extension.

  • Absolutely useful! It is, for long now, part of my daily browsing experience, can't do without it. Congratulations and thank you!

  • I use Diigo mainly for simple bookmarking and tagging functions. The 'redesign' of the extension has made it nearly unusable even for that, and the add-on seems broken at times.

    1) The sidebar was the most useful thing about it, and that's now gone. The only way to access bookmarks is to actually go to the website, making the add-on largely pointless (for my purposes) other than as a shortcut to create or edit bookmarks.

    2) Just now, I had to bookmark and tag the same page FOUR TIMES, because every time I clicked 'save' it brought up a pop-up ad about upgrading to a paid Diigo feature (a feature unrelated to what I was currently doing, fyi). When I dismissed the pop-up, it obviously canceled the bookmark save function along with it each time. (This was using the keyboard shortcut to save a bookmark. I ultimately had to do it by selecting the function from the toolbar icon menu instead, which did not prompt the pop-up upon saving.)

    3) When a page is bookmarked, a little bar shows in the top right corner with (theoretically) tools for annotation and whatnot. Only most of the time that bar is completely blank (broken). There is no way to dismiss it, but it often ends up blocking important parts of a webpage (such as a logout link).