Here's one for the addicts Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This extension creates a sidebar which allows you to see the latest and upcoming stories on digg: live. It's great for a quick glance of any selectable news source or the front page, while you're on another website.

Usage scenarios:
1. Person monitoring digg's content by topic or front page and find any new articles as they appear.
2. Person finding good upcoming stories to promote, while being able to use other websites at the same time.
3. Extension clearly shows what pages you've seen and what you haven't very clearly so it saves you time in finding out what is new.

1. Tested on Firefox 2.0 and Firefox b3, no issues.
2. No significant memory increase.
3. Well thought out usability and feature set to easily link to the article, and to the digg page to comment or promote.

Overall a good extension for people who don't want to visit digg website regularly, people who want to be absolutely on top of things, and people seeking to promote upcoming news stories.