40 reviews for this add-on
  • Whoever did this theme could you pleaseeeee update thist theme the simpsons is my favorite show and i really want this theme.
  • can you please updated this into 3.6 firefox thks
  • please update!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • please update to v3.6
  • please update!!!!!
  • Please update!
  • Please update!
  • I really want this add on but need a newer version. :(
  • I really want this add on but need a newer version. :(
  • good theme for the simpsons lovers out there.
  • Yeah, I agree with all people! Please upgrade it so we can use it in firefox 3.... please, please, please, please?
  • looking good
  • I loved It but i had to update and now it's impossible to install...
    Please update this theme!!! ='''(
  • C'mon Fox television - please port it to Fox 3 !!
    I want it back .. :-)
  • Tengo el Mozilla firefox 3.0.3 y necesito que actualicen el tema die simpsons Der Film 1.0

  • I want it sooo bad, but I need FF3 version..
  • ii hope the developer updates it to be commpatatble firefox 3
  • it's soooo cool, but can u upload it plz!!
  • bvbfb
  • I love simpons,, but u cant dowload :( plz update it!!
  • its rlyyy cool.
    but it wuld be nice if u made one that is good for the newer versions of firefox. =)
  • Please update it >///
  • I miss this theme :(
    plz update it
  • I really love this theme pls, update it to FF3 !
    i beg you!
    i cant wait anymore >w<
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