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  • I have found this add on very useful for many years. Stopped working thanx to the latest forceful Firefox update...

  • I made a similar add-on to Dictionary Tooltip.

  • Excellent add-on but doesn't work in FF48 and above. On the website http://www.dictionarytip.com/ there is version 1.9 but it isn't signed.
    Please, fix it.

  • This add-on is essential for me and for many other people. However it does not work in FF48. Is it abandoned? Can we hope for the update/fix to make it work again?

  • My version: 1.7.1-signed

    Every time I add a custom one, it clears my entries and returns to the default sites after restart of Firefox. It didn't happen in older versions.

    Could the developer, please, fix it? It used to be my favourite Firefox extension, which was very useful.

  • A very good Firefox Addon / Chrome Extension for looking up French words while browsing the Internet:
    It also allows us to add more dictionaries.
    To change the setting en->French to fr->en in wordreference, we do the following (I use the path names according to my computer):
    1) Open the file C:\Users\Tuan\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\jx09y44s.default\dictionarytip\dtipSites by Wordpad
    2) Change the URL "www.wordreference.com/enfr" to "www.wordreference.com/fren".
    3) (optional) Change the name en->French to fr->en
    4) Then save. If Windows doesn't allow saving, uncheck the property "Read Only" of the current file. Then save.
    5) After saving, re-check the property "Read Only" of that file. That will make sure that Firefox when launching cannot change the file.

    For Google Chrome, we can change the option for the Extension: add one more site "www.wordreference.com/fren".
    To be able to more fully control of the Extension, we should be able to understand and/or edit the Javascript files in
    C:\Users\Tuan\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\ddhagkdkfhahblenhokndjgjohonjchl\0.2_0\js

  • It doesn't work on some sites. Also, Adblock Edge (and most likely Plus) blocks the dictionary's word audio (it doesn't show the speaker icon) and blocks the translation to other languages part at the bottom. I have to go to Adblock Edge's filter and uncheck a box of some script that was blocked in order for those two features to work, but I'm back again on the same boat.

  • Popup doesn't work on google sites, i.e., GMail.

  • When it worked I'd give it a 5 star rating. But now with it not doing anything it gets a 1. I'm sad.

  • well the addon works. but the thing is 90% of the time it can't find the word I'm looking for, simple ones like "wyrm" for example, while other my other translate/dictionary addon gives direct and clear definition. What is the point of having a dictionary when most of the time it just says "this word is not found"? And yes I tried each and every service in the dropdown menu. I understand this is not really the author's fault but rather the dictionary services used in the addon but still, I can't give 5 stars when it doesn't perform the service it's meant to perform.

  • Muy buen addon, pues tiene varias opciones de configuración para el usuario y una amplia base de búsqueda en diccionarios.

  • I've been using this add-on for years, and I love it.
    There are only two drawbacks (I don't know if they are related):
    1 - Sometimes it just stops working until I restart Firefox.
    2 - Some time ago I discovered that it was responsible for slowing down my Firefox by creating multiple copies* of one of its files (dtipSites.json). I'm talking about thousands of copies, like dtipSites-1.json, dtipSites-2.json, and so on. When I delete these copies, everything comes back to normal, at least until the number of files builds up again (of course I leave the original file).
    Nevertheless, I still keep using it 'cause it's still worthy!

    *strictly speaking, they are not really copies, they are just empty files of 0 bytes, but I guess they are so many that they inevitably make Firefox slow down.

  • vesion 1.9 worked flawlessly on firefox 31.

  • I enabled double clicking in the settings. Worked fine for a few days. And then suddenly stopped working. I'm removing this now.

  • you will see meaning of words one times,two times,three times but not more.You cant use it as a Dictionary as you can use other Dictionaries.

  • More than enough

  • I love this plugin. I like the way it is designed to not fall in your way when selecting a word. I wish it could add support for my local dictd server.

  • A very useful addon! I had it disabled for a few months, because it stopped working a while ago. Luckily, after testing in FF v26, it seems to be back in the game!

  • I used to love this module, that you could configure with any dictionary including translation dictionaries, and which remembered for you the list of words you had looked up. But it is not being maintained anymore, it hardly ever works now.

    Isn't there anyone in the module-designing world ready to take over ????

    I have switched to 'Dictionary extension' which works well but only has one dictionary (dictionary.com) and no other functionality than to open a pop-up window with the definition of the word.

  • Hi,
    I use this Addon since a few years and it worked well sometimes.
    I say sometimes, because I use it on a WebSite and it shows me a window with translation, and on the same WebSite some hours later (w/o FF restart) it does nothing.
    I use it on MAC and WIN and on WIN it creates a lot of 0-byte files in its configuration folder.
    Also, if I change the config too often or delete predefined translation-sites, it does not work anymore.
    So I must say, it works (5 stars)...sometimes (-2), when I not change the config (-1)

  • I love this little add-on. It's functionality is simple and fast (just double-click on the words and the translation shows up). The fact that it can play the pronunciation is also a huge plus.
    This add-on never gave me any technical or security problems.

  • Don't Install Dictionary Tooltip!!! It's Full of crapware
    This extension, although of its great funcionality, have lots and lots of crapware inside. It installs software Desk 365 without your consent, modifies new tab's behavior, modifies startup page, modifies search engine 22find. And to remove all these traps, you will have a lot of work.
    Be advised. Don't install this extension.

  • Is there any way to change the 'ctrl' to 'alt' key? Help.

  • Sometimes for whatever reason it stops working

  • Great add-on, once I figured out the right things to check and uncheck for my preferred configuration. Only complaint is that there is no option to increase the font-size within the pop-up. My screen is set to a higher resolution, and despite my "monitor" being 55", I still have to squint to see the text. Otherwise, this add-on would be get a perfect 5/5 from me.