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  • Very nice concept. & I'm amazed the app quite follows material Design. UX feels quite fast too. I'd recommend this over the ''official'' Google's Translate app (which doesn't pop anything out)

  • The UI works really bad (the window often opens outside of the visible area and other stressful little things), and it randomly ceases to translate at all, so I suspect that the developer abandoned this project. It's a pity, because with a bit of work, it could be a very good and useful add-on.

  • One of the never fixed BUGS that has become a pet peeve in this plugin is when you select a word, but the word is near the bottom of the page, when this popup occurs then it too is partially off screen and there is no way to scroll the screen down to see the definition. It renders the plugin unusable. Sadly i doubt the author will fix this due to lack of care or because it doesnt affect him on a daily basis.

  • Bullshit

  • Very goood !!!

  • Is there memory leak in this add-on? My system is Ubuntu 18.04 and the memory usage rate is way high. It goes down when I close the add-on.

  • Love it! Auto detect foreign languages and translate it on the fly plus gives you meanings/synonyms/uses of the word you selected. Well done guys

  • No Work

  • It should be one click and not to have to open other windows to get a meaning of a word. Too bothersome

  • Simple and easy to use. Lightweight design ~ Marvelous

  • nice....something that gives prompt result on the webpage that i was looking for...Along with pronounciation

  • Good add on

  • 就是想要这种的!

  • This is the tool I have been looking ever since. Very useful!

  • The best translator. Very usefull and fast. :)

  • so useful,user friendly and functional.

  • This is by far the best google translation plug-in i have ever used. Good simple UI design, just get the job done easily.

  • Love this extension. Very helpful!

  • Nice Huh (y)

  • 很好用!双击就可以查看意思,方便简洁。

  • Hello, nice work! There is one moment, pls add a favorite strar to your add-on, it's very convenient when you have dictionary

  • It is very good

  • Excellente pour avoir al traduction a la volée d'un mot, d'une phrase sans avoir a charger google a coté.
    Par contre au clic droit le rond bleu avec l'icone a un problème, maintenant seul le rond bleu apparait mais plus l'icone.

    Excellent for translating a word or a sentence on the fly without having to load google next to it.
    Otherwise, when right-clicking the blue circle with the icon has a problem, now only the blue circle appears but the icon no longer appears.

  • I have tested other add-ons and this is the fastest, most efficient and with the best translations. Thank you very much for providing this add-on.

  • Lightweight, custom, complete!!!