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  • I even add a feature to this addon, to add the looked words to your vocabulary, using the dict.cn account.

    Just put the new word to the following URL when the checking request is successful.


    I believe this is also good the Dict.CN who shall get much more access to its web pages when try to recite new words with Dict.cn. We can even write our own notes to the each new word in the Dict.CN site. "http://www18.dict.cn/scb/index.php?act=&word_class=0"

    BTW: I am using this addon on Firefox 9.01, just changed the applicable versions.
  • 改overlay.js第278行
    var string = doc.getSelection().toString();

    Firefox 8改函數返回類型,所以取str長度時無定義,toGB出錯
    document.getSelection() now returns the same Selection object as window.getSelection() , instead of stringifying it.
  • Why....
    fix for Firefox 7 8 9:

    this.oXMLhttp.open("GET", url, true); //line 105
    this.oXMLhttp.overrideMimeType("text/xml"); // this is the new line in overlay.js
    this.showDef('Looking up "' + this.word + '"');

    Fix for Firefox 8 and 9 and ...:

    after applying the fix above,
    mod line 278 as follows:
    var string = doc.getSelection(); ===> var string = doc.getSelection().toString();
    Thanks to Cye3s at http://g.mozest.com/thread-40360-1-1
  • that's cool, thank you StevenD!
    this.oXMLhttp.overrideMimeType("text/xml"); // this is the new line in overlay.js
    this.showDef('Looking up "' + this.word + '"');
  • Thanks SevenD for the solution, it works! you saved this extension!

    I made the change and uploaded the changed file and the instruction here:
  • It used to work nicely, but now has quit working. Always 'not found'. It has quit working for quite a while and the owner is not responding to the broken add-on. Sad.

    Don't download...
  • We have been using this add-on for years now. Unfortunately, it seems a change to the dict.cn server has broken this add-on.
    To fix this, change the MIME type of the reply of the dict.cn server - as the reply is not treated as XML the parsing does not work. This will hard-code the MIME type and fix this.
    Insert the following in overlay.js line 105 (before "this.oXMLhttp.send(null);"

    You will find "overlay.js" in "dictcn.jar" in your profile's extension directory under "austin.dict@dict.cn\chrome\".

    You can easily open it with 7ZIP (or rename it to dictcn.ZIP) and in the archive go to "chrome\content\overlay.js".
  • I'm using FF 3.6.10 and DictCN 3.2.1, but DictCN isn't working at all! I got "Not Found" for every words I searched. I followed your method and changed the config, but still the same, DictCN doens't work.
  • it works with english to chinese but not the other way around. whenever i highlight a chinese character it says "not found", even for single characters.
  • Just installed it. Really like it so far, but one request: on the next update, when translating from English to Chinese, can you add the pinyin for the characters? Takes out one step in the translation, then usage process
  • 1) use ctrl + hover is great but many times it is bit delay to show the translation

    2) I turn the pronunciation on, but it won't pronounce the word immediate, it keeps asking me to install apple quicktime. How to make it work without installing quicktime?
  • after installing DictCN on Firefox 3.6, the score in Acid3 test fall from 94 to 91
    what does it mean?
  • the CTRL + Hover feature, its so handy!
  • great add-on, specially the CTRL + Hover feature, its so handy!
  • very good !! thanks!
  • Great addon, lightweight and effective! Could there be an English-to-Russian translation added by a chance?
  • don't know how to use svn
    At line 181, I suggest replace

    var c=document.getElementById(\"dictplayer\"); try{c.Play();}catch(e){try{c.DoPlay();}catch(e){c.controls.play();}}
  • That's great, she is the one i look for.
    Thanks, Austin.
  • That's great, she is the one i look for.
    Thanks, Austin.
  • cool! thanks
  • YES!
    Thak You!!
    谢谢 ;-)
  • This is such a wonderful extension... I'm anxiously waiting for the updated version to upgrade to FireFox 3.5..... Thanx SOOOOOO Much!!
  • Waiting for 3.5 update ;-)
  • It's a great work, but would you please update it to fit for the version 3.5? Thank you, Austin. I like it most.
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