79 reviews
  • Need update most of the options not working.
  • Thank you for making such a wonderful thing!!!!! !!!! =) (The translation may be strange because I used Google translation)
    こんな素晴らしいアドオンを作ってくれて感謝します!!! =)
  • Great add-on
  • It does not disable the playlists.
    That feature is in the description and it is the only one that I wanted.
    I don't know about the rest.
    Therefore I give three stars instead of one.
  • It could look better, but it does the job and it's the only extension that does.
  • +
  • Really nice add-on, but the firefox version doesn't work correctly on my work computer anymore. The youtube homepage shows all the thumbnails.
  • Best YouTube distraction-blocking app I've used. I've seen other good apps, but this one blocks the most stuff, including things I wouldn't have thought about, like the home feed, the notification bell, the subscription bar, merch, and live chat. Even better, it separates everything out, so for instance you can block the subscriptions bar without blocking the library bar, and you can block the sidebar without blocking playlists. And this extension seems to work perfectly; I've never noticed any issues.
  • Ótima iniciativa!
  • This tool helps to reduce distractions, like those clickbait video recommendations. Thanks
  • I really love this! It works perfectly and it's super easy to customize.
  • Very useful.
    I've been using the chrome version of Distraction Free for YouTube for a while and I think this has greatly helped with my procrastination.
    Using a standard website blocker doesn't block the youtube sidebar (which DF Tube does), so this extension completes my list of "must have anti-procrastination apps"
  • Youtube is a great site. Great videos, youtubers and communities. You can spend hours on that site, I know I have. But there comes a point where you really don't want to waste your time anymore, you find yourself clicking through video after video, with no purpose.

    That is where this extension comes in. It hides the videos you don't want to see. Most of the videos in youtube are relevant to you, but sometimes the algorithm is totally wrong and it's just annoying to see unrelated videos in the sidebar and at the end of the video. I've had that too. Now I just don't want to deal with it anymore.

    I've had another similar extension, simply called remove youtube suggestions, but it hasn't been updated in half a year and its reliability is decreasing. This looks like the perfect replacement!

    Now, this extension says that it's licensed under the Mozilla Public License version 2 and I'm wondering, where's the source code/ github page? While I do trust this extension, having the source code visible somewhere is just an extra layer of trust as well as security (free software). I looked at the Chrome web store for this extension and I couldn't find anything there either.

    Also, the videos are visible for a split second before disappearing, but that's minor (same problem as with the old extension, just that sometimes it wouldn't work at all)
  • Please make a version of this for other sites like reddit.