Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Hey Guys, A Good try and Congrats for this.

Things i noted.

My Query string is "PHP STING FUNCTION"

First time it opened 3 tabs.
in the First tab i retyped "PHP STRING FUNCTION" (STRING)

Now i got addition 3 tabs , means six + 1 tabs.
Typing again "String functions in PHP"

Now my window is fully covered with Tabs 9 + 1 tabs.

Then , You are searching inside the Stackoverflow. But the Result inside Stackover flow page is Not better Than The search Result Shown inside Google Search Top list.

try : https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=site%3A+stackoverflow.com+php+string+function&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

Try Stackoverflow search : http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=php+string+function

Also Why do i want to Search all the google group for this??... I Can specifically target the programming or PHP Based Group for this query right..?????...

Hope I Made a good review.

Guys its good try.. cheers

Thanks for the review hi2rashid. Let me help you answering your queries.

Opening three tabs is the functionality of the addon which is precisely what we intended it to do.

To manage closing the multiple tabs, you could use Ctrl+Shift+E. It is a beautiful option that helps you to close the tabs you want or the entire group at once.

Stackoverflow is one of the best places that almost all the devs prefer to search for queries. Keeping that in mind, we have included it so that devs get the advantage of searching in stack overflow as well. Whether stackoverflow returns better results than google depends not on the addon, but the query string that you have used to search. :-)

Google groups is also another option that quite a lot of devs use which we cared to include as a result of the feedback of quite a lot of devs.

However, if you dont want to search in google groups or stack overflow, we provide that option as well.

You could choose 'General' and 'Level 1' and search which by itself would answer all your queries.
1. It won't open 3 tabs which you wouldnt want.
2. It won't open stackoverflow
3. It wont open google groups either.

I would highly recommend you to try this not just because it provides you with ONLY google results, but it provides you with 100 google results, which is equivalent to searching 10 Google pages.

Thanks for your review and I hope I have been able to answer your queries. I suggest you play around with the addon a bit and you will find it more useful now that you know how to get want you wanted.

We have also carefully included a documentation on how to use it at http://penzil-devsearch.blogspot.in/ or you can find it's summary in the Tips option in the addon.

Thank you so much Rashid for the review and we expect your valuable feedbacks on our future projects too.