52 reviews for this add-on
  • a slightly dark bar and panel theme with rectangular tab icons !
    All looks like a Hacker (or say, as described by the author, Developer style)
    This theme fulfills firefox !
  • The theme is great and works just fine!. Do try it, good for eyes as I don't want to work with white backgrounds.
  • 今天火狐更新后,以往的设定不好用了,由黑色变成白色了,怎么才能恢复暗色调呢
  • It's clean, simple, and looks fantastic. And now I don't need to install the sometimes disastrously buggy Developer Edition of Firefox in order to use the theme!
  • I have been using it forever after I set this theme up. It looks amazing..
  • perfect
  • No muss, no fuss, no strange after taste!

    It's simple, and gives me just what I want, the Developer Edition theme on my "stable" version of Firefox.
  • This does exactly as described and no more or less! I can't live without the developer theme now. I can't stand the stupid curvy tabs and I can't get classic theme restorer to work either. This is super simple and has always worked so far!
  • great theme, much better for me eyes then stock one
  • Does exactly what it says: enables the dev edition theme.
  • Works great on my macOS 10.12.1 and in conjunction with add-ons like Classic Theme Restorer, Tab Mix Plus, Thin Bookmarks, NewScrollbars, Theme Font & Size Changer, and many more. 'Developer Edition theme enabler' is the only possibility on a Mac to darken ALL firefox window zones: the tab bar AND the tool bar AND the bookmarks bar AND the address field. I also tried 'themes' with dark backgrounds, but they always left the address field white and/or the tab bar light grey etc. But this extension finally does what I want. Chapeau! =)
  • I love this theme!
  • This theme is better than the fat edges forced upon us with the australis update. I wish it was the default or even shown in the theme list by default. I am sure more people would be using firefox if they knew about this theme.
  • This theme have nice colors and I feel that I'll use it daily.
  • Exactly what I wanted! Thanks!!
  • Personally I like developer edition's default more than default one.
  • Feels just like using Firefox Developer Edition
  • Using the Developer Edition, I really got used to this theme. Thanks!
  • cool addon, perfect themes on windows 10.

    would it be possible to add a feature that allows you to automatically switch between light/dark themes based on time? this would make browsing easier on the eyes at night
  • A very nice and dark theme which is easy on the eyes and come built-in, in Firefox! No need for other Themes! Thank you!
  • works fine
  • Thank you!
  • Looks good!
  • When you get used to the Dev Edition theme, it's hard to go back.
  • That's was just what I was looking for!