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  • Works great. I now have wonderful pictures of kittens to look at. Thanks.
    Unfortunate that some users are giving low ratings based on political affiliation instead of add-on functionality.
  • Works great!

    I'd like to setup a custom config to only replace with "Individual 1" in all instances. Sadly, I can't seem to get this to work.

    I've copied the "Drumpf" config, as that's the closest to what I want to do. When I edit the file to replace "Drumpf" in the monikers section with "Individual 1", and then upload that edited config to my own host, I get a syntax error in the extension.

    Is there a simple way to change the config to only use "Individual 1"?

    Edit: Thanks, you're the best!
    Hi. So, custom configurations have gotten much more difficult since the browsers started enforcing CORS security to reduce cross-site-scripting attacks. It is still possible, but you will have to very carefully follow the instructions in the "about" page. I tested this on all three browsers just last week.

    To save you the trouble, I just created an "Individual 1" config and put up on my server. You should see it in the drop-down menu.

  • Worthless, does not stop President Trump from Making America Great Again
  • Is is possible to make it so it removes the whole sentence with "trump" and makes it blank?
    It's surprisingly difficult to do *well*. The problem is that it is very easy to identify the name Trump, but much more difficult to reliably identify a sentence. People don't always punctuate properly, and there may be no sentence-ending punctuation in a headline or caption. Other difficult cases are separating other uses of periods from those that end sentences. You basically need to parse the sentence and understand it.

    It's theoretically possible, but would be part of a much more sophisticated piece of software.

    Dave from Tools of Our Tools
  • Thank you for this add-on! It doesn't do the complete job, but it certainly helps me cope with the lies and shameful, hateful behavior of this horrible man--shameful,hateful behavior that too many in this country inexplicably seem to think befits the leader of the free world. I just want him gone, but since I can't have him gone until he's out of office, I'll have to settle for this.
  • This is EXACTLY why I am replacing firefox with a sane browser. Mozilla is Communist to the bone.

    Why follow a proven disaster where a free people deserve a free land??
    Thanks for this review! Please try Detrumpify for Chrome or Microsoft Edge, too!
  • Nice approach to remove Trump "ideas" for public.
  • My previous comment somehow got deleted.

    Utter garbage! The only positive thing about this add on is that it reminded me why everyone voted for The President Trump. I am so glad HE IS OUR PRESIDENT and that he will MAGA!
    If you mean, "gaga", yeah, sure I guess. Have a great day!
  • I like the bard style. Very well done.
  • OMG !!! I love this filter ... instead of getting depressed when I see the name of the guy who didn't want to be President, I get to avoid seeing his name and typically a good laugh wherever I go on the web. This extension is brilliant and works great! Thank you.
  • Love it love it!

    I've tried various versions of "replace the cheeto's picture with [x]" and they are not reliable. This one is. I don't know which part of it is better... the image replacement or the insults. Your insult list is glorious!

    I also enjoy being able to customize what I see and where.

    Keep up the good work!
  • It keeps me sane and safe from demagoguery
  • Disgusting
    You might feel better if you turn on the kittens or puppies feature.
  • For the past year, I have had horrible moments on the Internet, specifically, every time I saw that 'T' word. Add in his photos, and it is enough to make one lose their lunch. Over and over and over again.

    I had been using an add-on that changed the 'T' word to drumpf, but it is a legacy add-on, and it stopped working today, when Firefox was updated. All of a sudden, I'm seeing that 'T' word again. NO! I can't take it. So I ran to the add-on site and lo and behold, I found this wonderful gem of software. Not only does it get rid of the 'T' word, it lets me choose what I want to see instead. I chose the 'any and all names' feature. Now I'm laughing, instead of crying, every time I see what name the software picks. The names are priceless. Every time I read a new one, I end up with tears in my eyes, from laughing so hard. As an added bonus, instead of that horrid face, I'm seeing puppies. Right now, we ALL need puppies in our lives.

    I highly recommend this add-on. Anything that helps us get through this nightmare is well worth it.
  • This is the main thing that has made the last 9+ months slightly less horrible. Thank you! I'd like to see "trump my cat" pics as an option. I'd be happy to submit some and I'm sure others would too. Trying the bunnies now...
  • I've blocked most images of the Orange Dotard, but this really helps - I can't stand to see his name anywhere. The Cult of the Orange Snowflake doesn't like it, but I do. Thanks!
    Thanks. I'm working on improving the image blocking in Detrumpify, too. I've already updated the Chrome version and hope to have an improved version on FF in a few weeks.
  • Makes reading the news slightly less horrible.
  • Greatly improves my social media and news experiences.
    If I have one request, it would be a greater variety of kittens...may I suggest https://twitter.com/evilbmcats as a source, or indeed a general lifestyle guide?
    Thanks again.
    Hi there! It just so happens that I am working on improving the image options. Right now there are kittens, provided by placekitten.com but I am working on adding puppies and bunnies, and will perhaps host the kitten images myself where I can get many more pictures. Anyway, the new stuff is up on Chrome already but it will be a few weeks before I can the changes live at addons.mozilla.org
  • funny
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