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Can you move the "James Garner" and "Rockford Files" down so they are not obstructed by the search fields?

James Garner and Rockford Files

Hi Ladyskay, I am surprised that it exist at all someone interrested on James Garner and The Rockford Files.
Thank you!
Visite my collection, I have more "oldies"
To your persona-field:
the navigation bar can be switched on and off within a right mouse.click in the persona-field and deactivating the navi-hook
the tabs-bar must you self move DOWN, read:
Paramount Personas


"Thanks for visiting Paramount Personas. If you want to see Personas properly, you must put your tabs at the bottom of the toolbar section. Go to VIEW > TOOLBARS at the top of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Firefox and DESELECT "Tabs on Top"."
BUT!!! within CARE!!! GREAT CARE!
But! If you publish a few more details on your site about yourself (portrait and so....), I would create an exclusive persona dedicated only you.
Best Regards