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  • Bien Hecho Jose!!!! muy buen complemento!!!!!! Very Good!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Its too hackin' funny! Yet I'm a little old to play games like this i think...
    Anyways; My suggestion is to get rid of lag so we can click a lot more
    The add-on is EPIC. I have an add-on I've always wanted aside this one and i don't even LOOK at it anymore! :D
    It's so awesome, I dedicated one whole weebly website JUST for it!!!

  • Hi,

    Please click on the 'How to Play' link on the page http://www.destroytheweb.net

  • Very kewl game, now I can get my revenge!!!

  • Okay, I can see that there's a symbol at the top to click on, that supposedly starts the game. But how do you play it? I have been hitting every key on my keyboard after clicking on the icon and have tried clicking my mouse (both buttons) and I have looked at the context menus when I right click and there is just nothing that tells you how to play the game and no matter what I do, nothing is happening to the web page I am viewing when I try to start the game!

    What is the deal here and why won't somebody answer me???

  • There isn't one single thing that tells you how to start playing the game. How can I play it, if I can't start it? What keys do I hit to get to the game? I right clicked and don't see it in my context menu, nor in the tools pull down menu.

  • JB, thank you, your work puts a smile on my face and adds value to my life man, it's worth 10 times that and I'll be sending money. you're awesome.

  • I downloaded it, but how do you play, where are the instructions, how do you launch the game?

  • im using firefox 3.6.6 on mac osx 10.6.4. i was at starbucks when playing this for the first time. i was laughing like crazy. coolest stuff! my 2nd favorite plugin between firebug and screengrab!

    imagine staring at the screen for 12 hours trying to debug css files. this is a real stress killer!

  • Could not download the add-on since is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.6. Probably in the future... I believe, by the reviews is is fun.


  • Destruction effects could be more various...
    I don't know what else to say about it, just try it !


  • I might even destroy this review >:), but anyways, awesome game, totally worth getting

  • I officially love this addon! I've had no problems with it and it's so much fun!

    The only bad point is the amount of work I'm not going to do because of it!

  • Their website redirected me to a fake computer scanning site, NoScript stopped it redirecting after I installed though.

  • Português (Brasil)
    Realmente para as pessoas que ficam muito estressadas diante do pc, cheio de raiva quando acontece um simples erro no pc, esse complemento é o ideal para se desestressar!!!!!!! Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!!!!!

  • Be careful, I keep getting redirected to a dodgy site that 'scans' my computer and offers software for me to download to 'fix' my computer when I try to submit my high score.

    Developer response

    Thanks for reporting this issue. GoDaddy hosted sites were attacked during the past weeks, but it is now sorted out. Thanks.

  • Might want to check your site, NoScript reports some random script that redirects to a fake scanner!


    Developer response

    Thanks for reporting this issue. The site has been cleaned up and fixed.

  • I do love this game to bits, but unfortunately, when I play it, the whole destruction ceases to a trawl and only when the timer stops (by the way, on my Eee PC 1201N, the timer freezes) then Firefox pulls itself together and gives me a high score.

    My recommendation is an option to disable all those snazzy removing effects (such as explosions when removing images, etc) and/or sound for us users. If this slowness was fixed, I'd DEFINITELY give this thing a 5/5

    Developer response

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion. You can lower the quality of the animations and effects in the options dialog.

  • Very amusing game.
    The music and the animation are very cool features.
    Everybody should be destroying websites right now ;)

  • This is a great game. It's very open-ended because you can play pretty much on any site, and the challenges are different every time.
    Love the music and animation, it makes it so much more fun.

  • Hey, great game.. has it all.. I've been playing with friends to see who destroys the most.. and it has a lot advantages in web page publicity.. Hope it wins Dude! very addictive.

  • The game is great, very addictive.
    Perfect to loose some stress!

  • Excellent extension, great game and very funny.
    Good Luck for the contest !


  • Hi ,

    Thanks for creating and sharing this extension / game !!
    Really great idea :) (For now my highest score was on your own website ;) )
    Good luck for the Extend Firefox contest.