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  • I use Firefox Nightly 60 64bit. And it would be fun if this add-on worked.
  • It doesn't work on fresh firefox D:
  • This addon does not work on fresh firefox. It only displays semi grayed icon left to url address field, and is unclickable. In the past it add on has gave me a lot of fun :)
  • ...
  • I had some fun time with this add-on but nowadays it feels likes it's forgotten.
  • WARNING!!! Don't destroy this page.
  • This addon is great! The only thing that I don't like is that some things you can't really "shoot" Of course this is a formatting issue, not the addons.
  • When clicking on a youtube video during the game, I got a potential clickjacking threat from NoScript
  • Cool code, fun. Kudos and thank you!
  • Well it’s amazing to see what people can do with a bit of code now days and you have done something truly entertaining. It’s nice everyone once in a while to just take a break from the monotony and just destroy the assignment that I’m trying to focus on. I find myself when I’m either bored on the net or waiting for something, to just randomly browse to a website i really don't care for and blast the hell out of it. I can wait for more features, like maybe bombs? Hey.. Maybe blocks of text that attack back at you, maybe time extensions when you get a certain amount of points or kill designated blocks of text or maybe something random, I think the possibilities are endless with this one...that would be pretty sweet. Or you could even have a list of featured websites and have special encounters for each one? And/or themes to go with each one, could even go as far as to add in explosions rather than shimmers and fadeouts. However I’m probably doomed to destroy every website i come across and never get any work done...oh well it’s worth it. Well thanks for the add-on and I'm looking forward to more from you.
  • I've been on a long adventure since I was a lil'o lad, but this is no ordinary adventure. I went on a quest to find the legendary weapon of WYSIWYG. You see I was training my mouse-clicker fighting skills in the googol courtyard as a lil'o lad when a dreaded veil beast-wizard known as Face-brook swooped in and begun the onslaught of annoying curses, comets. Fortunately, a royal priest just so happened to see the Face-brook cast the curse bestowed upon me and instantly started to depict this atrocity. The royal priest tells me the only way destroy the veil Face-brook wizard is to find the legendary weapon of WYSIWYG. So now I search to the ends of the earth with only the royal priests words to guide me, to find this weapon!

    After years of torment, my adventure, as finally ended upon me. As the legendary weapon of WYSIWYG was not far from home. In truth, my most trusted companion...a pet, firefox had the weapon of WYSIWYG all along.

  • Great add-on.
  • Surfing the Web, look up more information that I sometimes feel tired. Add-on has helped me relax quickly and simply. It's nice to have Firefox add-ons around.
    Sorry, I can not comment anymore longer, because now I've to destroy some websites , hehe
  • I like this well enough and it is fun, I just found myself not using it very much. I hate the time limit, perhaps it could be made longer or it could be removed. I have to wonder about the privacy issue as well, this can be used on any web page so who's to say there isn't a record kept of all that information.
  • great add-on but would like a version without a time limit
  • This is an amazing add-on
  • Great add-on, but it’s a pity that it’s still not localized. One star off for that; the translations have been sitting at BabelZilla for several years now, go pick ’em up!
  • Every time I play this game,my PC has high CPU usage.
  • Works great very flawless :)
  • This is totally awesome! I think you should have an option to play the game without time. There should be an option to keep playing until you completely destroy the web page or tell it to stop, but you can't submit your score.
  • This is awesome, now I can finally destroy Google Chrome's website :D
  • This is a great game, tons of fun and it gets really addicting to destroy pages that annoy you.

    Some suggestions:
    -For some reason it is not working in FF 9, I am not sure if this is a bug on my end or if it is just not compatible. The button is just greyed out, eventhough it shows as being compatible in the addons menu
    -There should be an option to enable the sound effects but not the music. I would love to hear the sound effects but not the music.
    Thanks for your comments! We've wrote down your suggestion and bug report. We'll try to address them as soon as possible to get your 5 stars :)
  • It has fun , but it is for a few seconds... After you delete it !
  • This addon dies after one day of use. i have to reistall it all day!
    Please fix it!